Administration - Audio Transcription OCR Level 3

The main focus of the April course is audio transcription following a word processing in January and text production being offered in September. The award or certificate qualification is often requested by local employers and is an excellent asset when applying for jobs within the administrative sector. Two units will be needed to acieve this, one of which must be Text Production.

An advanced course in audio transcription (10 week block) which focusses on the optional audio unit of OCR level 3 qualification at award level.

Course content

At level 3, or advanced level, the work builds on the level 2 syllabus in terms of complexity and layout and aims to increase keying in speeds to 50/55+ words per minute (wpm).

The syllabus includes producing:

* multi page business letters

* complex multi page reports

* complex ruled tables

* complex multi page leaflets

* organisation charts

* form design

with reference to resource sheets for information to aid document completion. A high level of initiative is required to manage the information and in the exam, tasks must be completed within the time scale to pass. A high keying in speed is required to cope with the volume of text and requires daily practice to achieve the practical competence required.

Entry Requirements

  • OCR Text Processing Award level 2 or ability to demonstrate a typing speed of 50/55 wpm.

An allied course is IT User level 1 followed by level 2 and may be of interest to those wanting to develop skills within the sector. However, the full time 'Return to Work' day course covers all these disciplines along with a level 2 diploma in administration and would suit those able to offer a higher level of commitment.

This is a full cost course. No funding available.

Quick Info

Qualification:OCR Level 3
Duration: Sep 15 - Jun 16
Date:23 Sep 15
Time:18:00 - 20:00
Area:Business & Enterprise
Course code:CERTP3C
Typical Cost:£165.00
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Administration - Audio Transcription OCR Level 3

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