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The Sheffield College

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

1. Introduction

The Sheffield College recognises that its activities have an effect on the environment through its routine operations as well as its infrastructure development. The college acknowledges that it has a responsibility to seek to reduce this impact and should take every opportunity to do so, exercising proper control over all itsactivities, the use of resources, the recycling and management of waste streams and using its influence on both its own and the wider community.

2. Objectives

2.1. To develop awareness and participation, throughout the College, of the need to achieve sustainable practice in the operations of the College.

2.2. To develop guidance and standards to enable the achievement of an improved environmental performance.

2.3. To develop and introduce targets, and measurement systems, to enable the impact of the policy tobe regularly evaluated and reported.

3. Scope

The policy applies to all College activities and all members of the College community - staff, students,visitors and subsidiary organisations.

4. Key policy areas

4.1. Procurement

The College will incorporate environmental requirements into its procurement policies, considering the input of its manufacture, supply, distribution and disposal.

4.2. Waste management

The College will develop practices to reduce the production of waste and including the reduction ofCO² emissions and to maximise the re-use and recycling of waste.

4.3. Transport

The College will develop and implement policies which will reduce its transport activities.

4.4. Energy and water

The College will reduce energy use, develop and implement sustainable energy sources and reduce water usage and wastage.

4.5. Teaching & Learning

Embedding the principles of environmental stewardship and sustainability within the curriculum.

5. Implementation and reviewThe Social Responsibility Group will be responsible for reviewing the policy on a regular basis, and fordeveloping plans for implementing the policy.The policy and associated action plans will be considered and approved by Directors, who will alsomonitor progress against agreed KPI’s