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Job Connect

Job Connect

Job Connect is our Apprenticeship recruitment service. They can support you through every step of your Apprenticeship journey, from finding a vacancy to preparing for an interview.

Job Connect

Here are just some of the ways that the Job Connect team can help get your Apprenticeship career on the road:

Finding the right vacancy

Job Connect are often approached by employers to find them prospective candidates for an Apprenticeship vacancy. They list all of our live Apprenticeship opportunities on our website so that you can read through them and find an employer/opportunity that sounds like a good fit for you.

You can also sign up to the Job Connect bulletin so that fresh vacancies land in your inbox every month!

Writing a killer application

If you're applying for one of our Apprenticeship vacancies, you'll need to submit an application form. Job Connect can help you out with filling in the application form, and give you some advice about what the employer wants to see so that you can maximise your chances of getting an interview.

You can also check out Job Connect's top-tips for filling in a successful application form below!

Preparing you for an interview

If you've successfully submitted an application for an Apprenticeship vacancy and the employer has shortlisted you, Job Connect can help you prepare for your interview. They can give you advice and guidance on how to present yourself, what to expect in the interview and how to answer the interviewer's questions.

There are new vacancies released almost every day, so contact a member of the Job Connect team now and start your Apprenticeship journey.


Q: How old do I have to be to start an Apprenticeship?

A: You can do an Apprenticeship if you are 16 years of age or older, are out of secondary education, not a full-time student and not in any other employment

Q: What qualifications will I need?

A: It varies depending on the company you want to do your Apprenticeship with so please check each vacancy carefully!

Q: How much will I get paid?

A: The National Minimum wage for Apprentices is £3.90 an hour (from April 2019) - that applies to anyone aged 16-18, or older if you're in the first year of your Apprenticeship. A lot of employers will pay more and incentivise wage to increase based on performance.

Q: How many hours per week will I be in work?

A: 30-40 hours is standard - this includes your day release at college as this is a paid day.


Q: Am I entitled to holidays or annual leave?

A: Yes - it's a legal requirement! You'll get a minimum of 20 days per year, although this may be more depending on your employer.

Q: I've applied for an Apprenticeship programme - how do I find an employer?

A: One of the best ways to find an employer is to check out our live Apprenticeship vacancies. You can also approach companies directly and ask them if they'd be willing to take you on, just remember to get their details if they say yes so the college can get everything arranged for you.

Q: Can I apply for a full-time study programme as well as an Apprenticeship?

A: If you're not sure which route is best for you, or you've applied for an Apprenticeship programme but you're struggling to find an employer to take you on, it might be worth applying to do a full-time study programme too, so you've definitely got something you can start in the coming months.

How to apply for an Apprenticeship

There are two ways you can apply for an Apprenticeship through The Sheffield College:

Click here for detailed guidance on both of these approaches!

Once you've found a vacancy you want to apply for, make sure you follow our top tips for filling in a successful application!

  • Make sure you have checked the job description in full - including the entry criteria and the location where the vacancy is based
  • Take your time, don’t rush an application. If you can, avoid doing it on your phone
  • Put as much information in your personal statement as you can and outline how you meet the requirements of the job
  • Talk about your hobbies and interests as there may be transferable skills which will make you stand out
  • If you are a school-leaver put in your predicted grades
  • Make sure you answer the employer's questions with lots of detail - they've asked these questions for a reason!
  • When you're ready to send it, proof read your application and check it for spelling and grammar. You can always ask for help with this from professional careers services (e.g. Tutorial Mentors, our in-house Careers service