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Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of looking at a job well done, and saying “I did that.” If you enjoy hands on, physical work, and getting stuck in, then a Building and Construction course could just be the ticket. With a varied course range we have options suitable for all.

Our Construction courses are based at our City campus, with dedicated facilities and experienced tutors who have worked in the industry. There’s a dedicated brickwork workshop where you can hone your trowel skills. If working with wood is more your thing, we also have 3 joinery workshops with all the latest equipment to get you started.

Want to bring a job together and apply those finishing touches? Then a Decorating course would be ideal for you. We have a dedicated decorating centre with individual stations for you to practice wallpapering, painting, cutting in and all those essential decorating skills.

Another area which gives you the opportunity to flex your creative skills is Signmaking. From traditional hand painted signs making a comeback on independent shops and cafés, to using CAD and 3D printers to develop eye catching signs.

As well as practical skills you’ll also learn about the theory side of the business in the classroom, enabling you to price up jobs, communicate with customers and manage people.

The construction industry is stable and is forecast to grow in the coming years as the government comes under increasing pressure to build more homes. From building houses, roads, bridges, schools, and bespoke work, the construction industry is exciting and in demand globally.

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