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GCSE Maths is a one-year course beginning in September and ending with the exams in June the following year. You are expected to study for at least six hours each week for the duration of the course.

The course is divided into weekly topics, for example, Angles, Percentages, Probability, and follows the Edexcel GCSE Maths Specification A syllabus. It is suitable for students who wish to study for the examinations at Foundation Tier or Higher Tier.

Course content

You have access to very clear, detailed and well-organised resources. You belong to an online class with a dedicated tutor who gives you all the support you need to help you succeed. Your tutor contacts you each week and guides you through the materials that you are required to study in order to complete each topic. Each topic includes exercises so that you can practise your skills.

Each week you take an online test to check your understanding of the topic. Every three weeks you complete a written assignment which checks your understanding of the topics covered previously. Your tutor marks your completed assignment and returns it to you with detailed feedback and advice.


There is no coursework in this syllabus. There are two exams (calculator and non-calculator), each lasting 1 hour 45 minutes, held on separate days at the beginning of June, at Sheffield City College.

Entry Requirements

  • We expect students progressing from school to have a grade D in GCSE Maths. Adults with no previous qualifications in Maths, or a Numeracy / Functional Maths qualification, are welcome to apply. We require all applicants to complete an online application form and an initial assessment so that we can assess whether the course is suitable for them. We may advise studying Functional Maths first, if appropriate, before progressing to GCSE Maths. You also need • Suitable Maths skills - our application form and initial assessment will help us to assess this • Adequate study time (at least six hours per week) for the duration of the course • Regular access at home and/or work to a reliable computer with Internet connection and a printer, preferably with scanner • Good IT skills and confidence in the use of technology • A personal email account • Students aged 14-16 must have the support of a responsible adult.

Will the course suit me?

The online GCSE Maths course is suitable for you if you do not have a grade C, or if you already have a C but need a higher grade, for example, to progress to a higher education course. It is also suitable if you find it difficult to get to a traditional classroom-based course and feel comfortable studying online.

The online GCSE Maths course offers you flexibility. You can study at times that are convenient for you, as long as you stick to the weekly course calendar. You need to be disciplined and motivated in your approach in order to keep to the deadlines and achieve success in your exams. You are expected to do a substantial amount of work on your own and need to set aside approximately six study hours per week.

What the students say…

Chris, in his early forties, needed to update his Maths skills for career development purposes.

“Personally I would like to say a big thank you to you both [course tutor and online administrator]. I love this course. It is a brilliant course perfectly suited for home study. It is so well organised that everything you need is in this course. You study through short videos and clearly written notes, followed by weekly online tests. The tests can be very demanding but the instant feedback shows you not only where you went wrong but also where you went right!

“It is not an easy course but if you get stuck you have a forum and a tutor to help guide you. You also receive weekly email updates to make you feel a part of the course so it is not a lonely experience. I look back on this course with a great sense of satisfaction. Maths has become something I can do and enjoy!"

This is a full cost course. No funding available.

Quick Info

Qualification:GCSE Mathematics
Duration: 1 Year
Date:11 Sep 15
Assessment:Exams and Coursework
Course code:COGMA1A
Typical Cost:£330.00
The fee shown is the cost of the qualification with no fee reduction . In most cases the student will not pay the full value, if eligible for funding support. The government funding agencies may pay up to 50% and in some cases 100% of the tuition fee shown.

The only students to pay full cost are where the course is designated FULL COST (no government funding claimed for the course), or if the student is 24 or over at the start of a course which is Level 3 or above. In this instance you may be eligible for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, on eligible courses. (See 24+ Advanced Learning Loans)

The actual cost you pay will be calculated during the enrolment process.

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