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Our Career Discovery pathway is a stepping stone for young people to progress onto further learning or into employment. The pathway is for young people who need to improve their English and maths skills, and develop their skills for working life and living independently. IT is an ideal opportunity for young people who are not currently in education, employment or training.

Key Units

This pathway is split into a number of programmes. When you apply for this pathway, please indicate which programme you are most interested in studying. Our Inclusion Team will decide which programme within the pathway is most suitable for you after discussions at an interview. This will be based on your entry requirements, support need and targets for future outcomes. 

An overview of each programme is detailed below or you can click below to download information about each individual programme:
  • Find Your Futrure
  • Construction Carousel
  • Preparation for Vocational Studies
  • Steps to Success
  • Workskills
  • Developing Workskills for Adults

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to most of our programmes. We ask that young people come with a willingness and readiness to engage in learning. 


A range of assessment methods are used depending on the specific course,

Where appropriate, there are formal assessments for English and maths.

Where an external qualification is being studied for, a portfolio of work may be required. 

Where does this Lead

Learners on these programmes can move through the pathway onto our different programmes. Learners can also progress onto other study programmes within the college.

Future Opportunities

Learners are able to develop a range of skills to help them gain meaningful employment in a host of different areas. Learners may also decide to follow a specific vocational path and move through the college. 

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Find Your Future 

Are you 16 – 18 years old? Not in education, employment or training? The Find Your Future programme is a full-time college certificate aimed at encouraging young people to think about their futures. For one academic year, you will take part in a range of activities that will support and develop your learning, knowledge and understanding of the wider world. You will also work towards improving your English and maths through an accredited qualification.

There are different strands to this including a supported Find Your Future, Construction Carousel and Preparation for Vocational Pathways. 

Construction Carousel 

If you are interested in a career in the construction industry then this could be a first step for you. You will have a taste of different construction industries and develop work-related skills including health and safety in the workplace. You will also study English and maths to help you reach the level required for your next step.

Preparation for Vocational Studies 

This programme is for you to develop the skills and knowledge to prepare you to be able to manage further study in an academic area. You will work towards English and maths qualifications that are needed for progression further study programmes and beyond at the college. You will also focus on the skills required to study at this level, including study skills, using Google Classroom, assignment writing and meeting deadlines. You will also be introduced to different study programmes across the college. 

Steps to Success 

Are you 16 – 18 years old? Not in education, employment or training? The Step to Success programme is a Level 1 full-time college programme aimed at encouraging young people like you to think about your futures as you take the first steps towards a successful career!
Steps to Success runs from November to June. You will spend three days a week in class learning employability skills and gaining the essential knowledge required for progression. You will also have the opportunity to improve on your English and maths skills through an accredited qualification. Some of the time will be spent out of the classroom and in the community making a real difference! 


This one-year, full-time programme is an accredited pathway where students will work towards an Award in Further Learning and Employment at Level.

The focus of the programme is to develop and acquire the specific transferable skills required for the world of work, and take part in an appropriate and meaningful locally-based work placement within the local community. Students will spend one day a week on placement.

Developing Workskills for Adults

This is a one-year, full-time programme available to NEETs who are over 18 within the city and offers an introduction to the skills and experience required for work or further study.

Developing Work Skills for Adults supports students by: 
  • giving you experience to help you get a job and live more independently 
  • helping you with English and maths skills 
  • getting you used to going to work as well as learning at college

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