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Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3
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Full Time 
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Entry Requirements
Level of English commensurate with the Level 3 qualification. Must be working in a suitable job role and able to generate evidence of the standard required by the criteria in the units.

Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3

This course is for you if you have an interest and some experience in working in a business environment, providing administration and organisational support to a variety of people. You will consider the basics of working in administration and how these skills develop, and apply this knowledge to your own workplace to show your understanding and competence in carrying out a range of tasks.

About the Course

An NVQ is the ideal qualification to aim for if you are working in an administrative role. Candidates will need to be working in a suitable admin job, either full or part-time, on a paid or voluntary basis. All candidates must have access to real work in order to gain the necessary evidence.  

These qualifications recognise the skills and experience which candidates may have gained over a period of time, or are currently acquiring in their job. Level 3 is appropriate for you if you are working in an administrative role, have experience of a variety of roles and have some autonomy and responsibility in the work you do.  


This is by individual appointment at college - appointments usually last approximately 1 hour, and can be arranged on days and times to suit both the candidate and the tutor. The sessions are used to provide assistance and support to candidates who are building portfolios of evidence, and for review of evidence, planning work to be undertaken and assessments. Candidates attend to suit their work patterns - usually every 3 or 4 weeks. The assessor will also arrange to visit candidates to observe and assess them in the work place. 
Group sessions are arranged at least once per term to enable candidates to network with others and spend time working on their portfolio.

How long does the course last?
Most candidates aim to complete the award within an academic year. However, the time scale is flexible and candidates may finish more quickly if they have been able to spend a lot of time on their award, or take up to 2 years  if necessary. The fee is for the course, not per year, so there is no additional cost involved. 

What does the course involve?
Candidates need to collect evidence from the work place to prove their knowledge and competence in aspects of administrative work.

Candidates need to complete a variety of administrative tasks competently and provide evidence of worked carried out to build a portfolio. The evidence is matched to units of the award to confirm competence: the evidence is required in a variety of formats – observations, statements, questioning, work products.

To achieve the full qualification you must complete a minimum of 58 credits, made up of 5 mandatory units and optional units to a minimum value of 31 credits.

Key Units

Mandatory Units
Unit 01 Communicate in a business environment
Unit 02 Manage personal and professional development
Unit 03 Principles of business communication and information
Unit 04 Principles of administration
Unit 05 Principles of business

Optional Units
Unit 06 Contribute to the improvement of business performance
Unit 07 Negotiate in a business environment
Unit 08 Develop a presentation
Unit 09 Deliver a presentation
Unit 10 Create bespoke business documents
Unit 11 Contribute to the development and implementation of an information system
Unit 12 Monitor information systems
Unit 13 * Evaluate the provision of business travel or accommodation 
Unit 14 Provide administrative support in schools
Unit 15 Administer parking and traffic challenges, representations and civil parking appeals
Unit 16 Administer statutory parking and traffic appeals
Unit 17 Administer parking and traffic debt recovery
Unit 18 Administer legal files
Unit 19 Build legal case files
Unit 20 Manage legal case files
Unit 21 Manage an office facility
Unit 22 Analyse and present business data
Unit 23 Produce business documents
Unit 24 Store and retrieve information
Unit 25 Produce minutes of meetings
Unit 26 Handle mail
Unit 27 Prepare text from shorthand
Unit 28 Prepare text from recorded audio instruction
Unit 29 Maintain and issue stationery and supplies
Unit 30 Contribute to the organisation of an event
Unit 31* Organise business travel or accommodation
Unit 32  Provide administrative support for meetings
Unit 33 Administer human resource records
Unit 34 Administer the recruitment and selection process
Unit 35 Administer parking dispensations
Unit 36 Administer finance
Unit 37 Buddy a colleague to develop their skills
Unit 38 Employee rights and responsibilities
Unit 39 Support environmental sustainability in a business environment
Unit 40 Resolve administrative problems
Unit 41 Prepare specifications for contracts
Unit 42 Prepare text from notes using touch typing

Unit 43 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Unit 44 Manage team performance
Unit 45 Manage individuals’ performance
Unit 46 Manage individuals’ development in the workplace
Unit 47 Chair and lead meetings
Unit 48 Encourage innovation
Unit 49 Procure products and/or services
Unit 50 Implement change
Unit 51  Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes
Unit 52  Participate in a project
Unit 53 Develop and maintain professional networks
Unit 54 Develop and implement an operational plan
Unit 55 Manage physical resources
Unit 56 Prepare for and support quality audits
Unit 57 Manage a budget
Unit 58    Manage a project
Unit 59 Manage business risk
Unit 60 Recruitment, selection and induction practice
Unit 61 Organise and deliver customer service
Unit 62 Resolve customers’ complaints
Unit 63 Using email
Unit 64 Word processing software
Unit 65 Website software
Unit 66 Spreadsheet software
Unit 67 Presentation software
Unit 68 Bespoke software
Unit 69 Database software
Unit 70 Principles of leadership and management
Unit 71 Principles of market research
Unit 72 Principles of marketing and evaluation
Unit 73 Principles of digital marketing and research
Unit 74 Principles of marketing stakeholder relationships
Unit 75 Understand the customer service environment
Unit 76 Understand the legal context of business
Unit 77 Principles of social media within a business

Entry Requirements

Level of English commensurate with the Level 3 qualification. Must be working in a suitable job role and able to generate evidence of the standard required by the criteria in the units.


Certificates are awarded following assessment of the candidate’s portfolio of work.  A qualified assessor will examine the portfolio of evidence and make a decision about the candidate’s knowledge and performance. If accepted, the unit goes on to be checked as part of the quality control process, before being claimed for certification and checked by the examining body. The achievement (pass) rates for this qualification are very good.

Where does this Lead


Future Opportunities

• NVQ Level 4 Business and Administration (if appropriate to job role)
• HNC in Business Studies
• NVQ Level  2 or 3 in Customer Service (if appropriate to job role)
• NVQ Level  2 in Team Leading (if appropriate to job role)
• NVQ Level 3 in Management (if appropriate to job role)
• Membership of professional organisations

Tell Me More

It is advisable to speak to a tutor before enrolling onto this course, to ensure that your job role is appropriate for this level of NVQ