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ILM Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership
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Workbased Assessment and Coursework 
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Entry Requirements
Level of English commensurate with the qualification and suitable job role (it is advisable to speak to a tutor before enrolling to check this).

NVQ L7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leaders

The college offers the credit-based NVQ Certificate, which involves building up a number of credits to achieve the full qualification. It is a competence based qualification, which means you have to be in employment which will generate the correct evidence for the assessment. This course has a flexible start date and is available for students to start at any point throughout the year.

About the Course

An NVQ is the ideal qualification to aim for if you are working as a senior manager in your job role.  Candidates will need to be carrying out a range of management activities in a suitable job, either full or part-time, on a paid or voluntary basis. All candidates must have access to real work in order to gain the necessary evidence.  
These qualifications recognise the skills and experience which candidates may have gained over a period of time, or are currently acquiring in their job.  Level 7 is appropriate for you if you are working as a senior manager with providing leadership, coaching and management for other managers and staff; senior strategic role, focus on organizational performance and strategy. 
Candidates should aim to complete the award within a 2 year period.  However, the time scale is flexible and candidates may finish more quickly if they have been able to spend a lot of time on their award..  The fee is for the whole course, not per year, so there is no additional cost involved. 


This is by individual appointment at college - appointments usually last approximately 1 hour, and can be arranged on days and times to suit both the candidate and the tutor.  We understand that candidates may have busy schedules so the flexible approach is designed to avoid disruption.  The sessions are used to provide assistance and support to candidates who are building portfolios of evidence, and for review of evidence, planning work to be undertaken and assessments.  Candidates attend to suit their work patterns - usually every 3 or 4 weeks.  The tutor will also arrange to visit candidates to observe and assess them in the work place. It may be possible for tutorial visits to take place at the candidate’s workplace if this is preferred. 


Certificates are awarded following assessment of the candidate’s portfolio of work.  A qualified assessor will examine the portfolio of evidence and make a decision about whether competence has been proved.  This is then subject to internal quality assurance and  checked by the external verifier (appointed by the examining body) and passed for certification.  The achievement (pass) rates for this qualification are outstanding.
Candidates need to collect evidence from the work place to prove their competence in aspects of administrative work. Candidates need to complete a variety of management tasks competently and provide evidence of worked carried out to build a portfolio.  The evidence is matched to units of the award to confirm competence: the evidence is required in a variety of formats – observations, statements and case histories, questioning, work products, witness testimonies.

To achieve the full qualification candidates will complete a variety of mandatory and optional units, to gain a total of 45 credits. 

Key Units

Mandatory Units
8624-700 Develop a strategic business plan
8624-701 Execute a strategic business plan

8624-702 Provide strategic leadership and direction

Optional Units 
8624-703 Develop a business strategy
8624-704 Establish organisational governance controls
8624-705 Shape organisational culture and values
8624-706 Manage strategic human resources
8624-707 Obtain financial resources
8624-708 Lead the development of a knowledge management strategy
8624-709 Lead the development of a quality strategy
8624-710 Lead the development of a continuous improvement strategy
8624-503 Establish business risk management processes
8624-504 Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion
8624-501 Design business processes
8624-505 Develop and manage collaborative relationships with other organisations
8624-506 Optimise the use of technology
8624-507 Manage product and/or service development
8624-508 Manage strategic marketing activities

Entry Requirements

Level of English commensurate with the qualification and suitable job role (it is advisable to speak to a tutor before enrolling to check this).


Practical Assessment.

Future Opportunities

• HNC / HND Business Studies
• Masters Degree (Business / Management / Administration)
• Membership of professional organisations

Tell Me More

It is advisable to speak to a tutor before enrolling onto this course, to ensure that your job role is appropriate for this level of NVQ. 


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