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Marketing Foundation Certificate CIM L3
Marketing Foundation Certificate CIM - L 
Evening Course 
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Practical Assessment and Coursework 
Business Services & Enterprise 
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Entry Requirements

CIM L3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing

This qualification is aimed at people who are either just starting out in marketing or want to move into marketing. There are no entry criteria but a good standard of English and Mathematics would be helpful.

About the Course

To achieve the Foundation Certificate in Marketing you will need to pass two modules: 

  • Marketing Principles
  • Customer Communication

However, if you wish to achieve the Foundation Award in Marketing you can pass either one of the modules.
This is a full cost course. No funding available.

Key Units

Marketing Principles
Providing an understanding of the key concepts and terminology used in marketing, this module introduces you to the role and function of marketing within organisations and explores the factors that influence consumer behaviour. You will also identify key components of the marketing environment and how to collect and use marketing information. The module also introduces the marketing mix and how they are applied in context.

Unit 1- Discovering Marketing 

  • Describe the role and function of marketing within organisations (15%)
  • Explain the factors that influence consumer behaviour (15%)

Unit 2: The Marketing Environment

  • Identify the key components of the marketing environment (20%)
  • Know how to collect relevant information about the marketing environment (15%

Unit 3: The Marketing Mix
  • Describe the concept and elements of the marketing mix (20%)
  • Know how the marketing mix is applied in different contextual settings (15%)

  • Answer 50 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes

Customer Communications
This will build your understanding of the importance of customer relationships and discover the way in which marketing communications can be used to engage with the customers. You will also consider the importance of the nature of customer relationships and how they are managed and monitored. You will understand the process of marketing communications and how to develop and implement a successful marketing communications campaign.

Unit 1: Who are Customers?
  • Have an understanding of different types of customer (15%)
  • Understand the nature and importance of customer relationships (15%)

Unit 2: Communicating with Customers
  • Know the purpose and process of marketing communications (10%)
  • Understand the range of different marketing communications tools available (30%)

Unit 3: Creating a Marketing Communications Campaign
  • Be able to create an outline marketing communications campaign (20%)
  • Be able to implement the marketing communications campaign (10%)

  • A seven page assignment broken down into three tasks based on a given scenario and an organisation of your choice.


Practical Assessment and Coursework

Where does this Lead

You can progress onto the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing Level 4. This course can also support you in your professional career development. 

Tell Me More

It is ideal if you are already in a job which involves marketing or want to find out more about the subject with a view to entering the profession. The qualification is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to perform professionally in a support level marketing role.

Extra Costs

You will need to join the CIM as a studying member (£50) and the assessment fees are £100 each unit.