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College Cert -Silversmithing & Jewellery 
Study Mode
Practical Assessment 
Design & Visual Arts 
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Entry Requirements
Enthusiasm and commitment are the only requirements for this course.

Silversmithing & Metal Jewellery

Jewellery is body ornamentation. Silversmithing applies to the scale of manufacture of domestic-ware whether in base or precious metals.

Key Units

Enthusiasm and commitment are the only requirements for the courses. This is a practical course offering the opportunity to work in both base and precious metals and other appropriate materials. The emphasis will be on developing ideas and skills and building confidence through practical application resulting in original, finished projects, motivated by the students themselves.

Short projects are intended as quick exercises but may overlap more major projects acting as light relief.

During the course students will explore:

  • Texturing, patterning and surface design
  • Cutting, forming and fabrication
  • Soldering and annealing
  • Polishing and surface finishing
  • Casting
  • Enamelling
  • Raising
  • Design
  • Health and safety aspects of workshop use
Ancillary crafts can be explored for decoration and detail, enamelling, casting and chasing are all appropriate areas. The aim is to help the student to develop a personal and original approach. Contacts and support will be made with suitable trade companies. Visits to libraries, galleries and exhibitions are encouraged and students are asked to look at good crafts and design books/magazines to familiarise themselves with new innovative work and techniques.

Entry Requirements

Enthusiasm and commitment are the only requirements for this course.


Practical Assessment.

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Students are asked to take inspiration from their surroundings not from High Street retailers.

It is expected of the students to adopt a sympathetic, respectful and adaptable approach to the workshop and observe health and safety issues.

Students do not need to bring anything with them except proper shoes (no sandals) and a small note book/sketchpad is useful.

This is a full cost course. No funding available.

Extra Costs

Base metal may be purchased from the college but other than silver solder (supplied) all precious metals, stones etc will have to be ordered and bought by the students themselves. We also make a small charge for consumables ie saw blades and drills.


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