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Our specialist Apprenticeship recruitment service

Job connect recruitment service

Job Connect is our dedicated Apprenticeship recruitment service. They are responsible for providing a 360 degree Apprenticeship service, from advertising your Apprenticeship vacancy to helping you to recruit the best candidate for your business.

Advertising your vacancy

It all starts with you - the employer. By working with our Employer Engagement team and Job Connect, we can help you to craft the perfect job description and Apprenticeship advertisement so that you can really sell the benefits of working with your organisation.

Job Connect will publish your advert across a variety of platforms in order to maximise reach and visibility. These include:

  • The Sheffield College's live Apprenticeship vacancies portal
  • The Sheffield College's Apprenticeship bulletin
  • The Sheffield College's social media platforms
  • Physical job postings across all college campuses
  • Gov.uk's "Find an Aprpenticeship" service

Application screening

Once your Apprenticeship vacancy is live, Job Connect will help you to manage sifting through the applications in order to find you the best person for the job.

The team will screen applications against your set criteria, allowing them to hand-select only the most appropriate candidates who are best suited to working within your organisation and in the specific role you have advertised for. 

The team will invite certain applicants in to college for screening, where they will ascertain their eligibility and suitability, before submitting a pool of applicants for you to short list from. 

Arranging interviews

Once your organisation has successfully shortlisted candidates, Job Connect will facilitate arranging interviews. We offer interview preparation for candidates so you can feel confident that the process will go smoothly and efficiently, and minimise the chances of having to recruit for a second time.

At employers' request we can also help to arrange a work trial at your company so that you can assess how a candidate will fit in before you make them a formal offer.

Helping you with the onboarding process

Once you have successfully recruited an Apprentice, Job Connect and the Employer Engagement Teams will also help you with the transition process.

They'll handle all of the paper work and the enrollment process, so all you have to worry about it helping your new Apprentice to fit in and get the best start to working in your organisation.

As you and your Apprentice progress, we will check in regularly so that you can raise any concerns, plus help you to organise assessments and further training for your employee. 

Contact Job Connect

You can contact the Job Connect Team between 9am and 5pm, Monday - Friday (including term time and holidays).

T: 0114 260 2600

E: jobconnect@sheffcol.ac.uk