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5 Myths About Studying a Degree at College: BUSTED!

Updated: 06/01/2017

There seems to be a fair bit of confusion surrounding university level courses at colleges. Not just here at The Sheffield College, but all over the country. People don’t quite seem to know if university level courses at colleges are the same as they are at university. It’s not just the course offering, but the gravitas of the qualifications (amongst other things). Read on as we try and clear a few bits up!

5 Myths About Studying a Degree at College: BUSTED!

HE Graduation 2016

You can only get a degree at university, can’t you?

Right let’s bang straight in with clearing this one up; of course not. For many years further education colleges have been able to offer degree level qualifications. The exact same level qualifications as universities, but with a lot less debt.

But a degree at a college isn’t a ‘proper degree’ is it?

Why wouldn’t it be?

All university level courses that are available are at colleges are validated and accredited by universities. Universities approve of the courses that are delivered, they meet the same standards that have to be adhered to and the qualifications given out at the end are the same.

The gravitas is exactly the same, the environment is just slightly different. Maybe one that suits your needs better.

Ok, well surely employers prefer degrees from universities?

Not true. We work with many employers in different industries to get their input for the design of our courses so that you graduate with the exact skills they’re looking for. There has been a shift in employer demands; moving away from prestige to a preference for a CV with a high-class degree and plenty of work experience.

There’s a reason many big employers send their employees to us to get their degrees.

That sounds good. How are your links to industry?

The beauty of gaining a degree at a college is that smaller class sizes allow tutors to build close working relationships with many of our students. By the time they graduate and move into industry/start their own businesses, those industry links begin to reap rewards adding to the almost 3,000 employers we already work with.

We give all of our students the opportunities to access masterclasses, work on live briefs (e.g. Design briefs for agencies) and gain first-hand experience through work placements.

Don’t the best tutors work at universities though?

Just because a tutor doesn’t work at a university doesn’t mean they not are at the top of their game. Many tutors have/still do work for both universities and colleges and some also still work in industry.

You will also find your tutors more accessible at a college as they have more time to offer support to students.

Won’t I miss out on the ‘university lifestyle’?

First of all, the stereotypical lifestyle is not for everyone. People in different stages of their lives want different things from university. We’re primed in a position to cater for all.

The general experience is different, but only if you want it to be. Those who are looking to get their head down and improve academically are afforded the space and resource to do so.  

But we are located right in the city centre of Sheffield. You have access to some of the same accommodation as university students in Sheffield meaning you’ll socialise with fellow students of the city – and less debt so you’ll never miss a night out!

It’s all sounding good, decent facilities as well?

Yes definitely. Our facilities at the college are as good as they are at most universities. Our creative subjects have just undergone an overhaul as we’ve built a new theatre, television, photography and music studios all supported by the latest software to add to our training kitchens and media makeup studio.

We also have onsite construction facilities, a dedicated engineering and motor vehicle campus.

To view the wide range of university level courses The Sheffield College has to offer you, please follow this link.