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Vulnerable Student and At Risk Policy

Vulnerable Student and At Risk Policy

Vulnerable Student and At Risk Policy

The Sheffield College will take systematic steps to identify vulnerable students and the measures that will then be implemented to maximise the success of these students. It applies predominantly to full time students, but many of the stages and processes can be applied to part time students as appropriate.

The College will ensure all its policies, procedures and practices are assessed against equality impact measures and they minimise the risk of underachievement or disengagement to any individual student. The College will also ensure appropriate support is provided to remove barriers to achievement.

The Sheffield College Vulnerable Student and At Risk Policy identifies that:

  • Risk as ‘at risk of underachievement or of disengagement’. It is recognised the indicators of risk described in the policy are neither inherently vulnerable characteristics nor do they present a risk in themselves. However, the additional barriers experienced by some means they are more likely to under-achieve.
  • Students from certain groups tend to perform less well on average than other groups. Whether a student is considered vulnerable may depend on a number of contributing factors.
  • Initial risk will be determined at the start of the student journey. The College will work in partnership with the Local Authority, schools and other agencies to ensure the early identification of vulnerability.
  • Confidentiality is paramount and care will be taken to ensure information is only shared where it can be shown it is for the purpose of providing appropriate support to minimise the barriers faced by those defined in the policy as vulnerable and / or at risk of underachievement or disengagement.
  • Information about a student’s support needs and vulnerability will be kept secure and confidential.

Download the Vulnerable Student and At Risk Policy here

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