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The Sheffield College


Our Vision and Values Statement

The Sheffield College will transform lives by offering outstanding education and training.

We will inspire our students, unlock their potential and allow them to lead to fulfilling lives and pursue successful careers. Our aim is to enhance the wealth and quality of life of individuals, employers and the communities of the City Region and beyond.

Our values

We have consulted widely to ensure the values are shared. They state what we believe in strongly and value highly and they make a firm statement about how we operate. They are the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that guide how we work with our students, staff and other stakeholders.


- Honesty, trust and transparency

- Speaking up and speaking out

- Clear, timely and constructive communication


- High expectations

- Recognising and celebrating success

- Sharing rewards


- Diversity and equality of opportunity

- Commitment to social justice

- Appreciating and celebrating difference


- Thinking differently and being open to change

- New ideas and being enterprising

- Taking calculated risks


- A shared culture - 'stronger together'

- Our openness and willingness to share

- Having great partners