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Apprenticeships - How to apply

Apprenticeships - How to Apply

Apprenticeships are a great way to get a qualification, real work experience and earn money at the same time. We have some great opportunities with some of the best employers in the business and our expert team is on hand to help you with your application and even the interview process.


The first step is to find the right apprenticeship course for you. If you fancy yourself as a Fitness Instructor, then perhaps an apprenticeship in Exercise & Fitness would be right for you? Or if you're more business minded then you might enjoy accounting or business administration. Whatever your career prospects are, we've probably got an apprenticeship for you. You can search for apprenticeship courses here.

We offer apprenticeships at various levels, so depending on your qualifications and experience, you could start at Level 2 and work your way up, or you could choose to launch straight into a Higher Apprenticeship at Level 4.

Once you've applied for an apprenticeship course, you'll need to find an employer to do your apprenticeship with. You may already be employed by a company who are supporting you in your apprenticeship, or you might need to find a brand new company to work with. Either way, it's important that you find the right employer for you, as this is where you'll spend the majority of your apprenticeship. 

You can approach employers yourself, or you can search our apprenticeship vacancies here. We update our listings with new vacancies all the time, so keep your eyes peeled! You can also contact our Job Connect Team, who will help match your skills and interests to an upcoming vacancy.