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Access to University Courses

Access to University Courses

An Access to University course has pretty much been designed with you in mind. It does what it says on the tin. It’s a 1 year course that gives you access to university (providing you pass, obviously).

Always fancied having a crack at a degree or diploma at university but didn’t think you had the qualifications to do so? If that’s the case, then read on, we just might know a way of getting you there...

What is an Access course?

An Access to Higher Education course is as you might expect. It’s a 1 year course that gives you the relevant entry requirements to gain a place on a university level course (providing you pass, obviously).

They’re designed specifically for those of you who have been out of education for some time and didn’t have the qualifications to get into university first time round – with every intention of getting them there this time.

Simply choose which Access to University course you want to do, complete all course requirements, and the university door is open!

University Level

Accessible Entry Requirements and No Upper Age Limit

The beauty of an Access course is that there aren’t many entry requirements or an upper age limit, because university is not just for ‘young people’, you know! We want to make opportunities available to those ready to work for them.

For most Access courses, a grade C or above in GCSE English and Maths (course subject dependent) is desirable. Please check individual course subjects for specific requirements.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact requirements, you can always do a Pre-Access course with us. Your course leader will advise you at the interview stage. 


It Doesn’t Matter If You’ve Been Out of Education For a While

If you’ve been out of education for a while, you’re probably feeling a bit nervous about throwing yourself back into it all. We can assure you, you’re not the only one who will be feeling that way.

The purpose of an Access course is to ease you back into the classroom environment and prepare you for university. Yes it will be challenging, but the course has taken all this into consideration.

You won’t be thrown in at the deep end, or expected to remember everything from a time gone by, we’re trying to help you, and people in your situation, to be successful.


Universities Recognise the Qualification

Of course they do! We wouldn’t just conjure up this qualification without talking to them. Universities have helped develop the courses so they are appropriate and feed into their entry requirements.

Each year over 20,000 Access to University students achieve the Access to University Diploma and progress to university courses across the UK.

You could be one of them.

There’s Financial Support on Hand

The 19+ Advanced Learner Loan, for learners aged 19+ obviously, will cover your Access to University course tuition fees, isn’t means tested or dependent on credit checks.


The really great news is if you progress and complete a university course, the 19+ loan is completely wiped meaning you’ll only have to pay off your university student loan – which you don’t have to do until you’re earning over £21,000!

If you need some independent financial advice please visit the Student Finance website or Gov.uk for further details.