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Science, Dental and Pharmacy

Science, Dental and Pharmacy

Science Dental and Pharmacy

Can you see yourself sifting through evidence at a crime scene as a forensics expert or developing new equipment for hospitals in one of the region’s leading healthcare technology companies? How about working as a pharmacist and helping people with their medicines, or maybe even supporting a dentist or dental assistant?

At The Sheffield College we offer study programmes in all of these areas. Some of our study programmes such as Dental Technology are that bespoke, you’ll find we’re the only college to offer it for miles around.

We’ve recently invested lots of money to make sure that we can help you go further in the best facilities. We’ve launched a specialist dental lab so that you can learn with the same equipment you’ll be using out in industry. We’ve got a range of different labs for each subject, so there really is no better place to prepare yourself for the working world or university.

Our staff have all worked out in the industry so they know how important real work experience is for our students. As a result they work hard to make links with local employers so we can offer work placements, special guest lecturers and trips to supplement your learning.

Teaching expertise

All of our tutors are passionate about their specialism and strive to pass on their knowledge and expertise to their students.

Many of our tutors have worked in the science, dental or pharmaceutical industries before becoming teachers, so not only can they help you develop key knowledge in these areas, but they can also ensure that you acquire the skills you'll need to succeed when it comes to employment. 

Our amazing facilities

Our facilities in this area are second-to-none; we've invested in a suite of laboratories fitted with industry-standard equipment. So whether you want to learn how to create dental moulds, develop your understanding of the key sciences or acquire an understanding of the latest forensic testing techniques, we've got the facilities you need. 

Why not come to one of our open days at check them out for yourself?

Experience of work

At The Sheffield College we know how importance experience is when it comes to applying for jobs and working in the real world. That's why all of our study programmes have a focus on practical, hand-on experience that will not only help you embed your learning, but will also make you stand out to employers.

Whether that means using the same tools you would use in an actual dental surgery, testing your forensics knowledge on a mock crime scene or undertaking a longer-term work placement, we'll support you to get as much practical experience as possible so that you're confident and employable when you finish your study programme with us.

Career prospects

With the sciences being so varied, there's a huge range of job opportunities available, not to mention the number of seemingly unrelated careers that require a scientific background! In the Sheffield City Region alone there are almost 4,000 job openings each year for this sector, and this is expected to increase by 2022.

Not to mention that the average salary for people in this sector earn around £38,000 per year, well over the national average!

If you want more information about job prospects in the science, dental or pharmaceutical industries, you can use our online tool, Career Coach, to access information about job specifications, average earnings, regional vacancies and more!

Career statistics for dental and science