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We know that industry is constantly changing and employees need different skills to meet employers’ needs.

It can often be a challenge to find the new talent that is needed for businesses to meet this demand. Apprenticeships are a way of training employees to fit your company perfectly.

So, what can Apprenticeships do for your business?

Motivate your workforce and lower your staff turnover – Apprentices tend to be eager to learn and become loyal to the company that employs them

£££££ - Subsidies in funding and suggested rates of pay mean that taking on an Apprentice is a more cost effective way of hiring staff. This will help to reduce overall training and recruitment costs

What your business needs – Apprentices receive training both in the workplace and with us at college. The skills they learn are based specifically on your requirements as an employer

Fresh ideas – Apprentices can be a great way at bringing new eyes to the business

Business as usual – Their training programme is designed around your company and its schedule meaning there is very little disruption to the working day

Fill skills gaps and shortages – We know that companies can struggle with an ageing workforce. The Apprenticeship programme helps to combat this by enabling you to train younger staff who often become long-term employees

Did you know?

  • Over two-thirds of employers take on their Apprentice as a full-time employee after their training has finished
  • 81% of consumers favour using a company which employs Apprentices
  • 83% of employers who employ Apprentices rely on their Apprenticeship programme to provide the skilled workers they need for the future
  • Over 1.4million talented young people applied to do an Apprenticeship in 2013


Christine Powell, Finsbury Food Group, said:

“Working with the College is bringing positive results. The hands-on training encourages our staff to become better bakers. It demonstrates our investment in them and has a positive impact on the quality and success of our products and the overall business.”

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