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Recruit a Work Placement Student

Recruit a Work Placement Student


Work Placements are short internships offered to students by companies in order to give them a taste of employment and teach them real, work-based skills.

So, what are the benefits to you as a company?

1. Recruitment
When given the right support, work experience programmes all over the world have been shown to be effective ways for companies to recruit students directly from college or university.
The placement gives the student a taste of the industry and helps them to identify if they are suited to this career path. Workers recruited through work placements have also been found to be very well suited to the role - performing more effectively, requiring less training, demonstrating better respect for supervisors and a greater ability to work in teams.

2. Reputational Gain
Work placements are a fantastic way to demonstrate to your local community the work you are doing to help young people into job roles. Studies have found that consumers are more likely to use companies that support young people into work.

3. Staff Development and Engagement
Work placements can improve the skills of your existing staff workforce. It gives employees the opportunity to build on their coaching, management and communication skills.

4. Social Partnerships
Many companies recognise that corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies are an important part of their offer to their employees, customers and local community and work placements can form a crucial part of this approach.

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