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HE Accommodation

If you're staying in Sheffield for uni, that doesn't mean you have to stay at home!

HE Accommodation

We appreciate that our university level students want the full university experience, and for many that means moving out and living independently. So whether you're moving out of home to start a HNC, or you're moving to Sheffield from a little bit further afield for a full on Bachelor's degree, we've got you covered.

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What are my accommodation options?

Halls of residence

Whilst The Sheffield College doesn't have dedicated halls of residence, many of the local student accommodation blocks accept students from affiliate institutions. This means that you can apply for a place in one of Sheffield Hallam University's halls (many of which are a stone's throw from our campuses!) and live alongside other students. 

This is often a great option if it's your first time living away from home as you'll be in with plenty of other people who are in the same boat. Plus all your bills (including internet) are included in your rent, so budgeting is pretty straightforward. 

To apply for a place in an SHU accommodation block, visit the Sheffield Hallam website and scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Non-Sheffield Hallam University students". Once you've filled in the forms and supplied the relevant supporting information (e.g. acceptance letter, ID etc.) you'll be issued with an ID number so you can apply for accommodation online.

Whilst you're free to choose any accommodation you wish, we recommend picking one that's close to your Sheffield College campus (Google Maps can come in handy for figuring this out!). Whichever site you choose, all of our campuses are easily accessible via public transport, so you're never a million miles away.

General enquiries

T: 0114 225 5555


Private sector accommodation

If students halls isn't your thing, you can also rent privately - either by yourself or with a group of people. Sheffield has loads of options, from studio apartments or flat shares, to renting a room in a house.

Just bear in mind that renting privately means:

  1. You're responsible for covering your bills on top of your rent - plus you may have to divide these between other people that you live with
  2. You may be required to pay a deposit/agency fees upfront
  3. You may have to live with other people you don't know so well/have different habits to you

You can find loads more information and advice about renting in the private sector here.