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5 Great Reasons You Should Become a Maths Teacher

Updated: 12/07/2016

Thinking about joining The Sheffield College as a Maths Teacher? The deadline for applications is 19th July 2016 and here’s why you definitely should apply…

5 Great Reasons You Should Become a Maths Teacher

There is always a need for good Maths Teachers.


  • Pass on your knowledge/Job satisfaction

If you’re thinking of becoming a Maths Teacher, we’re hedging our bets that you love all things numbers, data, and statistics. Becoming a Maths Teacher gives you the chance to work with all those things on a daily basis and pass your knowledge on to students who may not quite get it yet.

There’s not much more satisfying than seeing someone finally get ‘it’. After hitting a brick wall with that equation, that look of realisation dawns on their face and you know they’ve cracked it. Priceless.

  • Maths has never been more important

Maths has always been an important subject. A lynchpin of any curriculum. But now, more than ever, Maths is a real crucial subject for any student.

Obviously you use Maths are important in everyday activities, from dealing with finances to university and job entry requirements, but now pupils who don’t get a GCSE C or better in maths must continue to study towards achieving this in their post-16 education.

  • Always in demand

There is always a demand for Maths Teachers. Always!

As the point above states, Maths really is important. So there is always a need for good Maths Teachers.

What does that mean for you? It means the job prospects are great and there will be plenty of opportunities to progress.

You’re not going to be struggling to find yourself a job and you’re certainly not going to be undervalued. Especially not here at The Sheffield College.

Nice to be wanted, isn’t it?!

  • The pay is good – really good!

Pretty much the icing on the cake. Doing something you love is important. It allows you to put all your passion and energy into your job, and the students really thrive off that too.

But when it pays really well, well that’s just perfect!

Maths Teachers earn a fantastic starting salary, move up that pay scale quickly, and can have plenty of holidays to enjoy that money in!

  • Golden Hello

Not only is the pay really good, we also want you to know that we will really be valuing the work you will be doing for us.

With that in mind, there will be a cool £5,000 welcome incentive for the candidate who gets the job. Easy money!

To view Maths Teaching Vacancies at The Sheffield College, please visit www.latestvacancies.com/sheffield-college