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5 reasons a career in education and teaching is for you

Updated: 02/08/2016

So you’re thinking about entering the world of education and teaching? Here’s why it’s the right choice for you:

5 reasons a career in education and teaching is for you

Helping people to be the best they can be

1) Helping people to be the best they can be
People are motivated by different things when they enter the world of work. For some it’s money, for others it’s giving back to the community and job satisfaction. In education, it’s the latter – although the money’s pretty good too. You will oversee the personal and academic development throughout the time you spend with your students, whether you work in Primary Education or in Higher Education. There’s no better than feeling than making a permanent impact on somebody else’s life.

2) Share your passions
One of the best things about being in education is that you get to do what you love. That can be from helping the little ones to read and write or it could be passing on your history knowledge to a group of enthusiastic A Level students. You get to teach the subject that you have a real passion for and ensure that the future of your specialism looks good.

3) Become a master of your subject
There’s an old adage that suggests the only way to really know your subject inside out is to teach it. Teaching the subject that you love and have studied is a great way to improve your specialisms as you face questions from inquisitive students on a daily basis – including some you may not yet know the definitive answer to. Every day really is a learning day!

4) Opportunities and progression
There are loads of opportunities in education and teaching. For starters there are essentially five different brackets of age ranges that you could be working with.

These are:

  • Nursery
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • College/Sixth Form
  • Higher Education

There is the option to work with all age ranges throughout your career in education as you are not limited to working with just one age range. This will make you an experienced teacher and give you the variety you need as an employee.

Whilst you must follow the curriculum that has been set, you have scope within that to be as creative as you want in your application of teaching practices.

You will have the opportunities to progress with your job as well from Teacher to Head of Year and Head of Department, to Assistant, Deputy and Head Teacher/Principal for the more ambitious of you.


5) No two days are the same
It’s all a bit cliché, but they’re really not. Every day is different depending on what topic you might be teaching, the people you might be teaching and how you choose to teach your lesson. Basically the more you put into teaching, and the more exciting you seek to make learning for others, the more the students will get out of it and the more you will enjoy it yourself.

Oh, and we all know about the extensive holiday periods and school trips you can tag along on don’t we? Click here to find out more about getting started in teaching today.