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5 reasons being a leader will help your career

Updated: 01/08/2016

When you think of successful leaders who springs to mind? Political leaders Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi are at the forefront for most. Outside of politics you might think of others, football managers such as Sir Alex Ferguson, football captains like David Beckham or, closer to home, your manager at work. A leader is someone who instructs and inspires, encourages and motivates others to achieve a common goal. A person who others look up to and generally succeeds. So, how can being a leader help you with your career?

5 reasons being a leader will help your career

When you think of successful leaders who springs to mind?

1) Develop Your Communications Skills
In a world of tight deadlines and ever complicated tasks it’s imperative to get your point across as clearly as possible. As a leader you will be exposed to task setting and public speaking on a daily basis. Your communications will have to be clear and concise as ultimately, if things are miscommunicated and they are not completed, the buck stops with you.

2) Gain Management Skills
A strong leader is one whose management skills become second nature. Leaders must oversee operational tasks, problem solving, prioritising workloads, and even setting and distributing the yearly budget. As a leader you’ll gain these skills making a transition to management all the more seamless.

3) Be Recognised
Leaders are the face of a project, a team or an organisation. When things go well because of your leadership skills people will recognise and associate you with the successes that you have reaped. Positive recognition is only going to wonders for you career as people hold you in high esteem, vastly improving your professional reputation.

4) Improve Your CV
Some people will never have encountered you or your work before, so being recognised is completely out of the equation. Instead you will have to update your CV with your fantastic attributes as a leader and projects you have lead on - which is never a bad thing when you’re looking for a promotion or job change.

5) It’s a Transferrable Skill
There are leaders in all walks of life. As mentioned above you have political leaders, sporting leaders and even the leaders that you report to at work on a daily basis. Having leadership qualities in your armoury won’t limit you to a specific career but will instead open up opportunities to lead in just about any managerial role.

An endless amount of skills and opportunities become available to you when you become a leader, all you need is a course and some experience to gain them. Click here to view The Sheffield College’s ILM Leadership and Management courses today.