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Here's 5 jobs where you can put your creative transferable skills to use!

Updated: 13/02/2018

Creativity and original thinking are some of the most sought after skills employers look for these days, so doing a creative degree subject can really increase your employability, and not just in the careers you might think of! Here are five careers and job roles that you might not have thought your creative degree could lead to!

Here's 5 jobs where you can put your creative transferable skills to use!

A student works on cutting our an intricate design


If your degree course is in an area such as drama or performing arts, you could make a fantastic teacher, either passing on your performing expertise or even in an unrelated subject.

The ability to collaborate with others, feeling comfortable speaking/performing in front of a crowd and being able to give constructive criticism (all skills you’ll have picked up on your degree) are all vital in standing up in front of a class and imparting your wisdom!


Business Owner/Entrepreneur

The idea of owning your own business may have never crossed your mind, but you might be better suited to it than at first thought! As a creative student/graduate, you’ll be used to developing your original ideas and coming up with creative ways to solve problems when you get thrown a curveball, so how better to apply those skills than by being your own boss and developing your own product/idea?

More than likely you’ll also be one step ahead of the rest in terms of receiving feedback about your ideas, so your flexibility and readiness to adapt will be really appealing to investors too!



Creative people usually all have a common skill in being able to connect with others. Whether that’s through creating a piece of art or engaging an audience through music - connecting and engaging with people is a key component of being a successful counsellor or therapist.

There’s a good chance you’ll know how to work closely with others (thanks to collaborative projects or performing as part of a group) and you’ll also be used to keeping an open mind and exploring ideas, which is essential for therapists when supporting clients. You could even pursue the two and opt for a career in art, music or drama therapy!



Creative degrees are all about being able to come up with interesting and unique ideas and then finding a way to communicate and promote them to the public, exactly the same as marketing!

In this industry, being able to generate ideas and creative content is absolutely key. Pair that with the ability to write about them and communicate effectively (both skills which you’ll have honed on your degree!) and bingo, you’ll be brilliantly suited to a career in advertising or marketing.


Visual Merchandiser

Have you got a knack for visually stunning displays or eye-catching arrangements? Then you could be the ideal candidate for a job in visual merchandising! This job involves sourcing and arranging products for retailers to catch the eye of potential customers, from their store windows to in-house displays.

This role will probably suit anyone with an art-based degree (such as art or graphic design), but creative flair, spatial awareness and the ability to receive constructive criticism are all key skills for the job, which any graduate from a creative degree will have in spades!


Studying one of our creative university level courses could be just the thing you need to get started in one of these careers! Check them out here, or email info@sheffcol.ac.uk for more information.