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Peaks A Level Courses Media Statement

Updated: 24/06/2016

The Sheffield College is moving A Level courses from two campuses to one starting from September 2016.

Peaks A Level Courses Media Statement

Peaks Campus

The College is consolidating its A Level programme in the north of the city at Hillsborough campus on Livesey Street.

The decision means that A Levels will no longer be offered to new applicants from September 2016 at Peaks campus on Waterthorpe Greenway.

New applicants who want to study A Level courses at The Sheffield College from September 2016 will be offered a place at Hillsborough campus instead.

All of the current students who have already started their A Levels at Peaks campus are unaffected and will be able to complete them at Peaks campus as planned.

Heather Smith, Principal, The Sheffield College, said: "The College serves a diverse student community across the city who are our utmost priority. We are committed to providing a high quality A Level offer and believe that we can best achieve that by locating all of our A Level courses at one campus. Hillsborough campus has a vibrant A Level student community and greater subject choice with good transport links. Peaks campus continues to offer a strong vocational programme.”

She added: “This has been a difficult decision, we understand the concerns raised and regret any upset caused. We have written to all the new applicants who wanted to start A Levels at Peaks this September to provide them with an identical course place and free travel to Hillsborough campus instead.”

She explained: “There is no longer sufficient demand for A Levels at Peaks campus because more young people in general are choosing to study good quality vocational courses with us instead of A Levels. This is now a well-established alternative route to higher education and careers. Continuing A Level provision at Peaks campus would mean offering fewer subjects with very small class sizes and is not viable.”

There are approximately 50 A Level students part way through their courses at Peaks campus. They will not be affected by the move and will complete their A Levels at Peaks campus next summer. The College has written to those students confirming their courses are unaffected and will continue as usual from September 2016.

The relocation of courses primarily affects school leavers who have accepted an offer to study A Levels at Peaks campus from this September 2016. Approximately 55 applicants have accepted offers so far.

The College has written to those applicants offering them alternative places at Hillsborough campus with an identical subject offer. Or they will be able to transfer their application to a vocational course at Peak campus.

All of the 10 A Level course subjects offered at Peaks campus will continue at Hillsborough campus with the exception of one - philosophy.

Applicants who have accepted an A Level offer at Peaks commencing September 2016, and want to relocate to Hillsborough campus, will receive a free travel pass from the College for the duration of their A Level programme.

Peaks campus has a strong vocational curriculum and this decision does not affect its vocational provision.


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