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These 5 personality traits are a tell-tale sign you should study a business degree

Updated: 12/02/2018

What sort of person does it take to be successful on a business degree at The Sheffield College? Naturally, there needs to be a steadfast interest in business; both conducting and observing it.

These 5 personality traits are a tell-tale sign you should study a business degree

Study for your business degree at The Sheffield College.

There needs to be the willingness to learn the theory, apply those skills to the market and grow. By and large, you will find that these all manifest themselves within 5 main personality traits.

If they are traits you can strongly relate to, we think you’ll be a huge success on one of our business degrees!

They are:

  • Motivation

Motivation is massive in business. You’ll need to self-motivate, motivate others to help achieve your goals and motivate investors to invest in you, your product or even your business.

For this you’ll have to maximise your inter-personal relationships. Be human. Show empathy when empathy is needed. Turn it into motivation to be successful. Be sensitive to others, inspirational to investors.

  • Problem solver

How do you look at a problem? Is it something that is swept aside with disdain and left to fester or do you look to provide solutions? A solutions-focused person makes the hard decisions but the right decisions.

All aspects are covered, no stone un-turned. Research based on feedback, demand and the wider market leads to making logical, sometimes creative, decisions. As a problem solver and a critical thinker, you’re sure to be able to make the decisions that will shape a business, overcome inevitable challenges and drive it forward.


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  • Time management and leadership

Hitting deadlines is another large part of business. Whether that’s simply hitting the goals that you’ve set yourself or others to implement a business plan, completing and submitting applications for investment or simply opening up a shop on time, it all starts with you.

You need to hold yourself accountable for ensuring your actions are done on time. This is also good leadership practice so if you can make the commitment to hitting your deadlines, your staff will follow and business should be a success.

  • Competitive

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, is there? A dedication to being the best you, your product or your staff can be.

If you are passionate and motivated about what you are doing, a competitive streak will come naturally. You’ll want to outdo your closest competitors; through turning a bigger profit, through having better staff and better reviews.

Competition will also help your business grow as you look to branch into new markets or raise the quality of your service.

It’s always nice to be recognised as the best, the most successful.

  • Ambitious

It would be hard to be involved in business without having ambition. Ambition and a drive to achieve that ambition is at the heart of every business, both new and old. It is how all new businesses start – with an ambition to gain investment, to open a store or to take a product to market.

It’s also the immovable feeling to improve. To push new boundaries. Bigger, better. Take risks to achieve but make sure they are calculated. It’s the ambition to keep your product relevant in a fast-paced and ever-changing market. Ambition keeps you striving for the top!


If one or more of the above traits sound familiar, we think you'd be perfect for one of our business degrees. Click here to find out more information or email info@sheffcol.ac.uk