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Why should I take UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design?

Updated: 25/08/2016

Before we answer the why, we’re going to answer the what. What is a UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design?

Why should I take UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design?

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Well, the first distinction to make is that it is not a foundation degree, it is a foundation diploma for people aged 18+. Big difference! So what is it? It’s basically a course that sets you up perfectly for any art and design degree by giving you the chance to explore many disciplines of art and design throughout the year whilst developing your skills. Many of the top-end universities will want to see this qualification as part of their entry requirements.

That’s not all! The course runs in two pathways as well giving you the option to explore:

  • Art and Design
  • Games Design

So, to the why part…


1) Encourages exploration
It’s hard to know exactly which course to study when you go to university but when you study Art and Design there is a never ending list of specialisms to contend with too. On the Foundation Diploma you will spend the first 9 week exploring a number of art based disciplines and experiences such as fine art, surface pattern and textiles, illustration, fashion, print-making, photography, sculpture, product design and game design.
What better way to decide what you like best than trying them all?


2) Preparation for university
Once you’ve chosen your specialism during the course, you’ll spend some more time focussing on it, developing your skills to an advanced level and gaining a thorough understanding giving you a huge advantage.
You may not realise it, but the course has been designed to make progression to university as seamless as possible - everything from essay writing and research to presentations and your end of year show.
The last part of the course is also at Level 4, the same as your first year at university, just to make that step even easier!


3) Portfolio
Because you now know what you want to specialise in, your portfolio has become a whole lot easier. You’ll be able to focus your portfolio to whichever artistic discipline and course you’ve chosen, which Universities will love, and craft it with a maturity gained on the course.
Without the Foundation Diploma you will have to do your portfolio alongside your A Levels, which isn’t much fun. Thankfully though, your portfolio development is a huge part of the diploma meaning more time for you and more time for guidance and support.


4) Great way to get into university
The Foundation Diploma isn’t just for those who’ve just finished their college course. It also gives people who have been out of education or work for a while to refresh their skills and prepare for going back to university.
Importantly though, it also gives those who don’t have the grades for university a way in. The course equates to 285 UCAS points for a Distinction, 225 UCAS Points for a Merit and 165 UCAS Points for a Pass – more than enough to be accepted!


5) Great links with universities
You’d probably guess that as the course is accredited by University of Arts London that we have a good relationship with them? Well, you’d be right! But we also have great links and student progression with a number of top universities such as:

  • Central St Martin’s
  • London School of Fashion
  • Chelsea School of Art
  • Brighton University
  • Glasgow School of Art


6) Facilities and support
Our facilities at The Sheffield College are amongst some of the best in the country and you’ll get first-hand experience of all of them.
You’ll get chance to work in the Games Design studios with industry-standard software, with 2D and 3D software and modelling application or with the pioneering virtual reality headset “Oculus Rift” to use as a development tool.
The 3D software doesn’t end there. We have 3D workshops for woodwork and product design, with a 3D printer to boot, as well as our equipment for metalwork and jewellery making.
Throw in the ceramics, printmaking and fashion workshops as well as our fully equipped digital room complete with every bit of kit you could ever want.
And if that’s not enough, all students have access to our brand new photography studios and darkrooms, art supplies and digital resources such as; laptops, tablets, digital photography equipment, graphic illustration tablets, game consoles, video cameras, audio recording devices and headphones.

7) Oh, and it’s free if you’re under 19!
That’s right, if you are under the age of 19 when you start the course you have absolutely nothing to pay.
If you are aged over 19 the course fees are significantly cheaper than university tuition fees. And certainly cheaper than enrolling on the wrong course because you weren’t certain which discipline to study!

That’s more than enough reason to enrol on your UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Click here to see more...