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Disabled Students' Allowance

Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)

The Sheffield College promotes inclusion at every level and we are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the support they need in order to succeed at college.

Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) enables learners with disabilities to access support in a variety of ways, tailored to their needs in order to give them the best support possible.

You can apply for DSA at the same time as applying for financial support for your course costs, and you don’t even have to wait until you have an offer from the college before starting your application for DSA. In fact, we usually advise that you apply for it beforehand to start the process off and ensure you have all the support you need in place before you start your course.

How to apply for DSA as a Sheffield College HE student:

  1. Visit the DSA website and fill in the relevant form. If you need any help with your application you can contact our HE Disability Advisor, Liz Escadale on 0114 260 2075 or by email Elizabeth.Escadale@sheffcol.ac.uk (please note that Liz is only available Tuesdays and Thursdays).
  2. If your application is successful you will get a letter from Student Finance England authorising an assessment of your needs.
  3. Arrange an assessment of need via Sheffield Regional Assessment Centre located at Sheffield Hallam University. If you need any help with this please contact Liz Escadale – details above.
  4. Once you receive a copy of your assessment arrange a meeting with Liz who can coordinate the necessary support to be put in place.


Information for Needs Assessors

The Sheffield College’s NMH rates for the academic year 2016/17 can be found here.

The Sheffield College is spread across three main campuses, each has ‘access areas’ with height adjustable desks and supportive chairs, however these need to be booked in advance. TextHelp Gold (v8) is networked. Staff will assist in the library as required and there is free Wi-Fi across campus.

HE students have access to advice and support from a cross-college DisabilityAdvisor. The Sheffield College is able to provide diagnostic assessments for those full-enrolled students who have a history of literacy difficulties. We also have an in house NMH provider service including One to One Study Skills, Mental Health Mentoring and mentoring for students with AS.

Exam concessions are arranged via each students’ department and medical evidence is required to support this.

Students’ institutional recommendations are outlined in individual Learning Contracts.