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Megan Smith

Success Story

Megan Smith

Visitor Services Manager - Kelham Island Museum

I have enjoyed loads about my course, all of my tutors are great, all my course mates get a long so well we work well, our tutors make all the things interesting. A lot of my tutors have travelled so they aren’t just teaching us straight off a book they can share their wisdom and what they have done.

“The college are the ones that initially set me up with my placement, they helped me find the best place for me to learn.”

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The Sheffield College has really helped me to see what kind of job I want in the future. When I first came to college I knew that I wanted to work in museums, but I didn’t really know what type of jobs there were in museums, or what opportunities I could have. Talking to my tutors and going on placement has given me a clear path to follow for the future to get the jobs I want.

I never expected to work for Kelham Island Museum, it has been amazing! I have been part of the Christmas market, I’ve worked weddings, events, conferences, and I get new opportunities every week that I never thought I would be taking part in.

The Sheffield College initially set me up with my placement, helping me to find the best place for me to learn. They knew I was interested in museums and that it was the sector that I wanted to work in so they pointed me towards this. It has really helped me find the right place to work with my skills and improve the skills I needed to build on for the future.

The main task I have been doing at Kelham Island Museum is the new membership scheme. I had to conduct market research which I learnt at college - before college I would have had no idea what to do!

I did a business module on my course and that taught me how to make reports and find information from the general public which I put to use during the research for my membership scheme.

I had to create a report which was read by the CEO of Kelham Island Museums to ensure it was right before showing the steps in order to put the membership scheme into practice. It is now in motion and we have sold 27 already.

When I finish my course at The Sheffield College I have been accepted by Sheffield Hallam University to do my top-up year in Events Management.

The college is helping us get ready for that progression and we will have a tutor in place to help us switch from one course to the other.

After I finish my studies, I hope to work with Kelham Island Museum, perhaps in the research department. I really want to work in museums, especially in a curation roll. Thanks to my placement and The Sheffield College that's where I should start when I finish my degree.

The Sheffield College have really raised my aspirations a lot. They have shown me which jobs are available for me and shown me that that I am good enough to do those jobs.