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UNIHEADS Mental Health & Well-being Employer Skills Academy

UNIHEADS Mental Health & Well-being Employer Skills Academy

The UNIHEADS Mental Health & Wellbeing Employer Skills Academy was active from September 2020-July 2022. UNIHEADS supported us in championing the mental health of students across all campuses and supported the development of our UNIHEADS Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador Programme. This academy allowed us to support students who may have been suffering from Mental Health, especially with the effects of the global pandemic. It offered opportunities for all students to encourage positive Mental Health and Wellbeing, taking part in events, fundraising and more.

About UNIHEADS Mental Health & Well-being Employer Skills Academy

The UNIHEADS Mental Health and Wellbeing Academy allows all College students to access online mental health training, that has been used by over 100,000 students across the country. Students can access the free training through self-enrolment and it has unlimited uses, so they can receive support throughout the duration of their study programme.

The online platform is open to all of our students at The Sheffield College, and it offers valuable advice on where students can find help and support for themselves and their peers. College staff can also use the platform to support their knowledge in identifying students who may have mental health issues, where to signpost them and what support they can offer.

As part of our UNIHEADS Mental Health and Wellbeing Academy, we have a team of UNIHEADS Ambassadors that promote positive mental health through various activities within the college. The ambassadors hold social events for our students on a monthly basis and have also taken part in fundraising projects, supporting local Mental Health charities.

Any student at the College can become a UNIHEADS Mental Health and Wellbeing ambassador, and should contact their Industry Placement Coach for more information.


UNIHEADS Creative Writing Competition

The UNIHEADS Mental Health and Wellbeing Academy ran a creative writing competition before Christmas, challenging students to write short stories to help people who struggle to sleep. The winning story, 'Autumn's Day' was written by Charlotte Rooney, and will be recorded by a voice-over artist and made available on the Champion Health health and wellbeing online platform. Joe Pindar, Champion Health's Wellbeing Executive was the judge of the stories sent in by our students:


"It was wonderful to run the Sleep Stories Competition at The Sheffield College. I want to personally thank everyone who took part. Every story was clearly created by a very talented writer, and it was great to read through them all. Everyone who took part should be very proud, and I hope they use those wonderful stories for something else.


Finally, a massive congratulations to Charlotte for her winning submission, Autumn's Day. It’s a fantastic story and I can’t wait for it to feature on Champion Health's platform!"


UNIHEADS Conversation Starters

As part of Time to Talk Day, UNIHEADS Ambassadors created some handy origami conversation starters, to share tips on how to start a chat about mental health and to get people talking. You can download a copy below:

Conversation Starters


Latest News

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New student mental health scheme gets underway


The Sheffield College

Investors In Community Partners with The Sheffield College for The 500 Purpose Challenge.


Investors in Community

Having a positive social impact is at the heart of everything we do and it is a privilege to work with The Sheffield College and support young people in our region. Mental health is an issue I feel very strongly about, having lost a friend to suicide two-years-ago. With Covid-19, we have seen how support is needed more than ever.

Harry Bliss, Founder of Champion Health Ltd and Co-founder of Uniheads

I am excited to see the new skills that I can learn in this role at College. Meeting new people and working together to educate people on mental health is vital to having a positive outlook both in and out of College.

Faith Hardy
UNIHEADS Student Ambassador

Testimonial Faith Hardy

03/04/2024 3:40 pm
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