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Staying with a Host Family

Find out more about the experience of staying with a local host family.

Staying with a Host Family

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Many of our International students choose to stay with a host family for the duration of their study in Sheffield. As friendly and welcoming as our host families are, we understand that it can be quite scary staying in a new place with new people. We give our students as much information in advance as possible so that you feel comfortable when you start your studies at The Sheffield College.

"I particularly enjoy the mix of personalities between students, they are all so different. I would recommend it to anyone!"
Karen Goodwin-Izmirova; International Student Host for 5 years

Where exactly will I be staying?

Our host families live all across Sheffield, but we'll try and let you know as far in advance as possible exactly where you'll be staying. Wherever your host family live, you won't be more than a 30 minute bus/tram ride or walk away from college so you won't have far to go to get to your classes.

How will I get to The Sheffield College?

You will be expected to make your own way into college each day but our host families live nearby so you can easily walk, get the bus or the tram to and from your classes. Your host family may well show you how to get to college on your first day.

Who will I be staying with?

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes; some are families with children of various ages, others are couples or people who have retired from work. Whoever your host family is, we know that they will be welcoming and friendly.

All of our host families are vetted by The Sheffield College before students move in, so they know what is expected of them as hosts. 

Will I have my own bedroom/bathroom?

Most commonly students will have their own study bedroom (usually with a bed, desk and some storage space for your clothes/personal items); however on rare occasions you may end up sharing a room with another international student. We will always inform you in advance if this is the case.

Students will ordinarily be expected to share a bathroom and other communal areas of the house with their host family.

Will I have to cook/make my own food?

Depending on your board (full or half-board) your host family will provide you with a minimum of breakfast and evening meals during the week, and all of your meals at weekends. If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, Halal) then your host family will be informed of this and will take it into consideration when providing meals.

"I consider myself their host mother for their stay and you do grow very attached."
Mary Joan Foster; International Student Host for 2 years