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Cost of Living

How much will it cost you to live in Sheffield?

Cost of Living

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Not only is Sheffield a fantastic city to live in, it's also very affordable! The average cost of living in Sheffield is 10% lower than the national average, and a whopping 25% lower than London.

Whilst the cost of living in Sheffield is very affordable, ultimately how much you spend during your time here will be down to how you manage your finances.

Here are some example costs of essentials you may need to buy regularly and some additional costs for social activities.*

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

Food and Drink

1 litre of milk — £0.71
Loaf of bread — £1
6 medium eggs — £1.25
Cheese (500g) — £3.79
Shop-bought sandwich — £2.50
Pasta (1kg) — £1
Rice (1kg) — £1
Chicken (500g) — £3.69
Coca-Cola (2L) — £1.76

Toiletries and Medicine

Toothpaste — £1.37
Deodorant — £1.30
Shampoo — £2.43
Toilet roll — £1.82
Paracetamol (Painkillers) — £1.50

Travel and Communication

Bus ticket (Student, Single) — £0.80
Bus ticket (Student, Weekly) — £7
SIM card with 1MB data — £10

Social Activities

Meal out for 2 people — £20
Student cinema ticket — £8

Setting up a British Bank Account

You may wish to set up a Student Account with a bank based here in the UK to make it easier to pay your rent, buy essential items and spend your money whilst you're here.

Most student bank accounts in the UK offer basic features such as:

  • Chip & Pin debit cards (so you can spend money without withdrawing cash and make purchases over the internet)
  • Online banking facilities (so you can keep track of your money and make payments)
  • Access to local branches where you can speak to advisors or deposit cash and cheques

Some banks also offer additional perks with their student accounts, such as Rail Cards (for discounted rail travel across the UK) and mobile banking apps. 

What do I need to set up a UK bank account?

Requirements will be different for each bank, so please check directly with the bank you plan to open an account with beforehand. However, you are likely to need:

  • Photographic identification (usually a passport)
  • Proof of student status (e.g. an acceptance letter or email from college)
  • Proof of UK address (e.g. a formal letter with your UK address on it)