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5 reasons to study a Health and Social Care qualification at The Sheffield College

Updated: 05.01.23

5 reasons to study a Health and Social Care qualification at The Sheffield College

1. Our tutors are experts in their field

Nearly all of our course tutors here at The Sheffield College have worked in the industry they teach at one point or another. This means that they know exactly what knowledge and skills you will need for a job in the health and social care sector and can pass on their expertise! It also means that they are likely to have fantastic connections to other professionals which will be really useful when looking for work experience or learning about a certain specialist area.

2. We've got top-of-the-range facilities

For a career in health or social care, being able to hit the ground running when you enter the workplace is a vital skill - that's why we ensure that your learning environment mirrors the facilities you might encounter in a clinical or health setting, so that you can learn how to operate equipment and get to grips with procedures before you even leave college, and be "work ready" as soon as you enter the job market.

Our mock hospital wing at City Campus is fully stocked with hospital beds, clinical equipment (such as blood pressure machines) and even a selection of patient mannequins so that you can practice your CPR skills on a lifelike model! 

3. You'll study a bit of everything, so you're ready for anything

Whether you want to specialise in a health profession (i.e. nursing or being a paramedic) or take a career path into social care, our courses will give you a fantastic baseline and broad knowledge so that you can pursue whichever route you choose. 

All of our health and social care courses will cover key elements such as anatomy and physiology, psychological development and nutrition and public health so that you can find out which area you'll enjoy. You'll also develop study skills that will prepare you for further study, undertaking an Apprenticeship or entering employment.

If you’re unsure about which level or route is best for you, you can visit our sector-specific Open Day where we can help you to identify and achieve your goals as well as the qualification and level that’s most suitable.

4. Amazing mental health support

Mental health is a huge area of health care - but working in the health professions can be stressful so it's important to look after your own mental well-being as well. Luckily, at The Sheffield College we have plenty of resources and support to allow you to do this.

You can access one-to-one support through our Listening Service, or you can even pop into one of our regular well-being cafes if you just want to see a friendly face. 

5. Qualifications to suit every style of learning

We know that health and social care is a huge industry, so we've got a huge selection of courses and qualifications to match:

  • if you've always wanted to work in health care and you're just leaving school, then one of our full-time vocational study programmes will be perfect for you
  • if the NHS staff who have worked on the front line during Covid-19 have inspired you to change careers then an Access to HE Diploma in nursing or health science could be the step you need to get onto a degree
  • if you're already working in a healthcare setting and want to progress your development then our Foundation Degree in Professional Practice, or a healthcare Apprenticeship might be the answer

Ready to start training for a career in health and social care?


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