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Keeping you safe

Safeguarding is about doing everything possible to ensure that all of our students and staff are kept safe and protected from harm.


The government provides statutory guidance to colleges on what they need to do to achieve this. The Sheffield College adheres to all guidance and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make sure all of our campuses are a safe, happy and thriving environment for all.

The term safeguarding can apply to a wide variety of potentially harmful situations or incidents, including themes such as physical abuse, mental health disorders, radicalisation and substance misuse. You can find a full list of safeguarding terminology and their definitions by clicking here.

Safeguarding policy statement

The Sheffield College is committed to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults. The governors and staff recognise that a safe and trustworthy environment combined with clear lines of communication and decisive action ensures the best outcomes for all students. The Sheffield College expects all staff, volunteers and partners to endorse and practice this commitment at all times.

Our safeguarding policy

Prevention and promotion

  • Robust staff recruitment
  • Policies and procedures that support safeguarding and the promotion of Fundamental British Values: the values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance
  • Close working relationships with partners who share a common purpose with regard to safeguarding; Social Care; Police; Local Authority Safeguarding Team; schools; health services
  • Staff awareness – how to promote the welfare and safety of young people and vulnerable adults, inclusive of the College being free from bullying and discrimination
  • Implementation of the College’s Prevent Strategy, including ensuring staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities in preventing violent extremism, supporting those who may be at risk of radicalisation
  • Implementation of the Online Safety Policy
  • Actively promoting equality, inclusiveness and diversity

Protection and support

  • The College will identify young people and adults who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, including those at risk of radicalisation. The College will ensure all staff understand their role in identifying those at risk.  Definition of abuse and signs of abuse can be found in the Safeguarding Policy
  • The College carries out risk assessments of students who declare a prior criminal conviction as outlined in the Criminal Conviction Policy
  • Where a young person or vulnerable adult is suffering significant harm, immediate action will be taken in accordance with the Children Act 1989; and the statutory guidance within the DfE Working Together to Safeguard Children
  • Action will also be taken to promote the welfare of students where it is recognised that additional support is needed, even if the student is not at immediate risk of harm.
  • The College carries out full DBS checks on all employees and agency staff. It ensures contractors working with College are DBS checked and also, ensures apprentices working within healthcare, childcare, education professions are DBS checked