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English and Maths

English and Maths

English and Maths

If you're going to be a working success in life, you’re going to need your English and Maths skills to a grade C/4 standard. They are at the foundation of everything that you do. Everything stems from them and there’s no getting away from that fact. They are the most transferable of all the skills and will have an effect on everything from your day to day life, right through to employment and your career prospects.

If you haven't achieved them yet, don't worry. We will help you gain them alongside your course or as a standalone qualification. 

We can't stress enough how important they are, though. Just to highlight that point even further, this is why they are so important:

There's no avoiding using them

It’s near enough impossible to get through your daily tasks without using English and Maths. You’ll use them when:

  • communicating face-to-face, via email, social media or text message
  • time keeping
  • reading timetables for public transport
  • reading contracts
  • calculating any transactions and discounts in shops or online
  • dealing with your finances to make sure you’ve been paid right and aren’t overpaying bills

Employers love them

No matter how specialist the job is that you are applying for, your basic English and Maths qualifications are the foundations of your career. Everything is built upwards around them starting from when you apply.

One of the first checks employers will do with an application pile is on English and Maths. If you’ve not got them, the chances of you making it through are slim to none.

Day to day tasks like communications on email and admin jobs are certainly unavoidable but also:

  • the logic behind science, technology, engineering and construction is all maths equations and formulas
  • understanding the right formulas to mix when making a hair colour as a hairdresser
  • applying your English skills to read and analyse court papers as a legal professional
  • working with ratios as a photographer or graphic designer

You’ll need them to start an Apprenticeship

That’s right. Apprenticeships, like all forms of learning/training/job, have entry requirements which include English and Maths.

As an Apprenticeship is a real job, the employer sets the entry requirements when creating the vacancy. You’ll notice that they all include English and Maths because of their importance in the workplace. It’s no different to applying for a job.

And you’ll definitely need them to get in to university

As universities set their own entry requirements, they always expect you to have GCSE English and Maths (or equivalent) to at least a Grade C/4. As universities get so many applications, those without English and Maths grades at a C/4 or above are likely to be swept aside.

If you’re wanting to attend a top-end university, they may ask for higher English and Maths grades than above.

If you don’t gain them now, you’ll only need to gain them later

Trust us on this one. If you don’t gain your English and Maths skills now, you are likely to find that you revisit them later on in life when you have more commitments, more responsibilities and less time to learn.


They really are that important to you.


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