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English and Maths

English and Maths

English and Maths

Don’t worry too much if you didn’t get a C in English and/or Maths at GCSE. We’re here to help you get that C or equivalent whilst you’re at college.

It’s not too much extra work for you and you’re able to do it alongside whatever course you’ve chosen to do. However, it it is important that you do so because, in the long run, the most used and most valuable skills you can posses are English and Maths. Think about it, you use them every day and if you’re not very confident when using those skills you’ll struggle when you go into any workplace. Just think for a second, you use them:

When communicating
Whenever you talk to someone, you’re using your English skills. Doing everyday tasks such as reading, writing and even talking; they are all English skills that you need. If you struggle, how are you supposed to let people know clearly what you want, what you need?

Your maths skills are also used every day. From cooking to making decisions, to watching the television and understanding adverts where you’re peppered with stats and figures, your maths skills are crucial to prevent you from being misled or with some horrendous tasting food!

Keeping an eye on your finances
Whenever you’re sorting your bills, paying your council tax, applying for a mortgage or calculating bank balances and loans, you’re using maths. You don’t want to be underpaid or paying too much tax because you don’t understand the numbers. You definitely don’t want to have to live off super noodles because you’ve not budgeted your wage properly and have run out of money by the second week of the month!

Applying for jobs/university
If you want to apply for university you will need to have at least a C in both subjects to get onto a course. That’s just how it is these days and without them you are very unlikely to get accepted. It's the same with applying for jobs; employers want to know that you’re going to be able to complete basic English and maths tasks easily and are likely to employ those with better grades – oh, you’ll also need strong communication skills to complete application forms and attend interviews. Ultimately better English and maths skills lead to better pay!

Whilst at work
Again, this will come in the form of communication with your employers and colleagues. Through emails to each other, and people you haven’t met before, if you can’t communicate properly you may lose business or make a big mistake in your job. Every job also includes admin tasks. For example, whether it’s giving somebody their change, finding value for money, buying, selling, doing a deal - it's all maths. Same as measuring parts. the logic behind engineering and knowing what size equipment you need.

Stay Healthy
Keep yourself healthy by understanding portion sizes and nutrients. All foods come with nutritional guidelines these days so you need to be able to understand them to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are ill you will need to be able to book appointments at the doctors and then be able to manage your medication; how much, how often and when you need to take them. Reading the label, understanding the numerical values. It’s really important.

If we’ve managed to do our job and show you how important GCSEs in English and Maths are and you're concerned that you haven’t got a high enough grade in either of these subjects, don’t worry. We can help you get these alongside your college qualification. Contact us on info@sheffcol.ac.uk or 0114 260 2600 for more information.