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About Us

The Sheffield College is a general Further Education College in the Sheffield City Region, providing high quality academic, technical and vocational training to enhance qualifications, skills and employability across the region.

Adopting a 'one college approach', we operate from a number of sites across the city with fantastic facilities at each.

14,467 students and Apprentices studied with the college during 2019/20 - of those learners, 2,757 were Apprentices.


About Us

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Our mission is to transform your life through learning. Our vision for 2021 is to become a consistently great college that puts our students at the heart of everything we do. Our students get the qualifications and skills they need to go further in employment, careers, Apprenticeships, further training and university level courses.

Key Facts and Figures

Our students get the qualifications and skills they need to go further in employment, careers, Apprenticeships, further training and university level courses.

Students, campuses and qualifications

  • Around 14,467 students and apprentices studied with the College during the academic year 2019/20. Of those learners, 2,757 were apprentices.
  • There were 4,724 students aged 16 to 18 (the majority of whom studied full-time) and 6,986 adults during the academic year 2019/20.
  • Of the apprentices, 1,017 were aged 16 to 18 and 1,640 were adults – with many apprentices progressing in year.
  • The number of degree level students during 2019/20 was 414 comprising 356 full-time and 58 part-time learners.
  • The total number of access to university level course students during 2019/20 was 479.
  • The College has four main campuses: City, Hillsborough, Olive Grove and Peaks and also runs classes at Fir Vale and Eyre Street centres.
  • Approximately 597 qualifications are offered by the College.
  • They include 130 apprenticeship programmes, vocational diplomas, A-levels, access to higher education courses, and university level courses such as foundation and honours degrees.


  • The college employs approximately 1,320 staff


  • The College works with approximately 2,429 employers.
  • Of those, 906 employers are involved in apprenticeship programmes and 1,523 provide experience of work, industry placements or other work-related activity.

Economic impact

  • The total economic impact of the College was £282.5 million according to research completed by EMSI in 2019 and based on data from 2017/18.
  • Of that sum, £239.7 million is the amount that former College students contributed to Sheffield City Region - equivalent to supporting 10,700 average wage jobs.
  • On average, students who achieve a Level 3 qualification will earn £6,888 a year more than someone with no formal qualifications in Sheffield City Region. This equates to approximately £261,000 in higher earnings over a working lifetime.
  • For every £1 that learners invest in their education at the College (in the form of out-of-pocket expenses and forgone time and money) they receive £5.20 in higher future earnings.
  • For every £1 that learners forgo whilst undertaking an apprenticeship, they receive £6.20 in higher future wages.
  • In 2017/18, former College apprentices employed in the Sheffield City Region workforce contributed £9.2 million in added income.
  • Employers will receive £1.30 in return for every £1 invested in the College’s apprentices, as those apprentices become more competent, skilled and productive.
  • For every £1 of public money invested in The Sheffield College, taxpayers will gain £2.20 over the course of the learners’ working lives in added taxes and public sector savings.

Source: EMSI Economic Impact Study 2019

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