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5 reasons why you should attend a UC Sheffield Open Day

Updated: 25.10.23

5 reasons why you should attend a UC Sheffield Open Day

Discover qualifications beyond a Bachelors degree

At most universities, the typical qualification on offer is a standard three-year Bachelors degree, but that might not be to everybody’s taste, and it certainly doesn’t offer you the same practical, hands-on experience that many of our programmes at UC Sheffield do.

Visiting our open day will give you the chance to explore all our different qualification types and find out which one suits your learning style, and your career aspirations, the best. Whether you want to go a more traditional route with a foundation degree, or you value the real-world technical skills that a Higher Technical Qualification offers, our UC Sheffield Team can walk you through the different options available.


Meet our expert tutors

When you’re learning at the top level, you want to know that you’re being taught by top-level teachers, and our tutors certainly fall into that category! Not only do they have years of teaching experience between them, but many of our Tutors also have invaluable industry experience, so they can help you explore theoretical concepts by applying them to real-world scenarios.

You’ll also be able to benefit from their industry connections, with many of our Tutors bringing in guest speakers or arranging site visits to with local employers so that you can get even more real-world experience.

Our Open Days will give you the opportunity to meet our UC Sheffield Tutors and discuss the ins and outs of our programmes with the people who will be delivering them.


Explore our industry-standard facilities

No matter which area or qualification you’re interested in, all of our facilities are designed to mirror those that you’ll be using in the real world, so that you can gain confidence and build up your skills.

Visiting our campuses is the best way to full experience our incredible facilities first hand, including:



Olive Grove

  • Dental prosthetics laboratory
  • Top-level computer suites complete with gaming PCs and robotics lab
  • Professional standard bakery, patisserie, and chocolatier kitchens
  • Brand-new healthcare suite, complete with fully-operational hospital beds and patient mannequins
  • Construction workshops that focus on modern and sustainable construction techniques (including a brand-new electrical installation classroom)


  • Fully operational TV studio and cutting room
  • Two full-spec photography studios and dark-room developing suites
  • Computer suites complete with top-class gaming PCs and Mac PCs equipped with the latest design software
  • Sound-proof music rehearsal rooms and professional grade recording studios
  • Music technology suites with all the latest creative tools and equipment
  • Animal care resources, including dog-grooming salon and live animal facilities such as a chicken coop, beehives and more!
  • State of the art engineering facilities
  • Fully operational manufacturing engineering tools and machines that you would expect to see in industry
  • Employer sponsored heat-pump workshops
  • Automotive workshops including our brand-new electric and hybrid vehicle rigs



Access our award-winning Careers Advice Service

If you have an idea of the job you want but aren’t sure of the best route to take to get there, our Careers Advice Team will be on hand at open days to help you figure out the right path.

We even have a dedicated UC Sheffield Careers Advisor, who specialises in university-level qualifications, and can help you navigate the wide variety of qualification types, and even offer advice on writing your personal statement and submitting an application to us through UCAS.


Get support with finances, childcare and more!

We know that studying at university-level can be daunting, but we’re here to help in any way that we can, be that financially, academically or personally! Our Open Days can be a great opportunity to speak to our various support teams about getting the help you need to make sure you succeed.

For example, you’ll have the chance to speak with us about:


Make sure you you book a place on our next UC Sheffield Open Day to discover all this and more! Click here to secure your place.

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