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Apprenticeships: The Facts!

Updated: 15/02/2019

Different methods of learning suit different people. That’s not to say one route is better than the other, they’re just different.

Apprenticeships: The Facts!

Neil Beresford from Professional Response and Apprentice, George.

Apprenticeships have previously suffered misconceptions that they are only in certain vocational and manual industries. That’s certainly not the case as the government has supported growth and an increase in quality of Apprenticeships to reach their aim of 3 million new Apprentices by 2020.

The amount of people doing an Apprenticeship currently stands at record levels with around 900,000 currently being funded. Simply put, there have never been more Apprentices across the country and in Sheffield helping to drive the economy whilst gaining skills, experience and earning a wage.

Who can blame them though, with the impact they are having and the benefits they bring:

  • The Sheffield College usually has around 120 live vacancies at any one time, with 25 to 30 new vacancies added each month across more than 15 different sectors
  • Nationally over 90% of Apprentices currently progress into work or further training
  • 89% of Apprentices are satisfied with their Apprenticeship; 97% of Apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved, and 92% of Apprentices said their career prospects had improved
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 (89%) Apprentices were satisfied with their Apprenticeship overall. Nearly three quarters of those (72%) were very satisfied
  • 71% of Apprentices stay with the same employer after completing their qualification.
  • On average, individuals who have completed an Advanced Apprenticeship earn between £77,000 and £117,000 more over their lifetime than similar individuals with Level 2 qualifications
  • Higher Apprentices could earn £150,000 more on average over their lifetime compared to those with level 3 vocational qualifications
  • More than 2,600 employers were involved in the design of the new Apprenticeship standards. This means that they are now more geared to equipping the Apprentice with the exact skills needed to make it in their chosen industry

With Apprenticeships in 15 different sectors at The Sheffield College (and not just the traditional sectors) and nearly 100 different frameworks/standards for job titles, there genuinely has never been a better time to start your career as an Apprentice!

Think an Apprenticeship might be for you?

Check out our current live vacancies by clicking here or alternatively get in touch with our Apprenticeship recruitment team, Job Connect, by emailing jobconnect@sheffcol.ac.uk or give us a ring on 0114 260 2600 for more information today!