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Sport scholarship

Our Sport Scholarship programme provides support for students who perform at an elite level.

Sport scholarship

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Do you have dreams to perform at the very top level but also want to gain additional qualifications and skills to go further in your career? 

At The Sheffield College, we share your dreams for you which is why our Sport Scholarship programme supports you to do both.

The programme gives you the flexibility and mentoring so that you can reach the highest stage in sport and in your studies, without having to comprimise on your development, training and competition schedules.

Some of the benefits of the programme include:

  • Flexible timetable around your studies
  • Opportunity to represent the college at AOC and/or BUCS level competition
  • Sports science support (physio and gym access)
  • Sports kit and equipment
  • Mentor support

When you become a sports scholar at The Sheffield College, we will make sure that your talent continues to be nurtured. You will spend time with other elite performers at the college from a wide range of sports, allowing you to swap ideas and training methods, and provides a new support network from people who understand the pressures and workload. 

The Sheffield College Sports Scholars

 Teagn Stott - Boxer

Teagn has recently been a part of Team GB's selection and training camps, and is also a part of Team England's Boxing Programme.

Earlier in the year, Teagn reached the final of the England National Boxing Championships - a final previously won by Tyson Fury, Nicola Adams, Anthony Joshua and Savannah Marshall.

Teagn's best win to date is a gold medal in the GB Tri Nations.






 Frankie Ashton - Kickboxing

Frankie is an international kickboxer who has represented Team GB since 2017!

Aged 16, Frankie won her first senior British title and is also a triple Bestfighter WAKO World Cup gold medalist. Frankie has already been British Champion, WTKA European Champion, Dutch Open Champion, Irish Internation Champion and Unity World Games Champion.

In November 2022, Frankie will represent the Senior GB Kickboxing Team in the European Championships in Turkey.






The programme is available for students to apply who are

  • enrolled at The Sheffield College
  • compete at regional or national level in your sport

For more information, please contact 


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