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Studying your degree at college vs university

Updated: 09.01.20

Studying your degree at college vs university

The biggest difference between studying for your degree at The Sheffield College instead of university is that student numbers are far smaller. You will notice quite a few differences which will ease your concerns, give you access to more support and benefit you in the long run.


More access to support from tutors

As we’ve already mentioned, universities are huge places with massive numbers of students. For that reason it makes it hard to access support as there are a lot of students to cater for.

At The Sheffield College you will be working in smaller classes than at universities, meaning that you will have more opportunities for in-class support and 1-2-1 support from our tutors who are familiar with your ambitions.

More personalised approach to learning

Again, as student numbers are far smaller, you will be able to build close working relationships with your tutors allowing for a more personalised approach to your learning.

Our tutors will get to know your ambitions, your strengths and weaknesses, and tailor your course appropriately to your needs. That could include visits to the workplace that interest you, opportunities to present or exhibit work attended by leading industry experts, working towards additional qualifications to help you go further or simply just additional support with an assignment.

Better access to facilities and resources

Fewer students means less of a queue! Fewer students jostling to use key facilities that you need to use to complete a project, fewer students trying to take the same book out of the library to research and reference from, and fewer students vying for the tutor’s attention to offer support with an assignment.


Financial support and discounts

As with all university students, you will still be able to access financial support to pay your tuition fees and your cost of living through the Student Loan Company. Being a university level student also entitles you to discounts and, including:

  • Council tax discounts
  • Free prescriptions
  • Student bank accounts and 0% overdrafts
  • Shopping discounts, for example ASOS, Amazon, Spotify
  • Access to NUS Totem Card
  • Free Microsoft Office

Graduate with the same qualifications

All of our courses are validated by leading universities, including Sheffield Hallam University and The Open University. That means that when you graduate, you will be graduating with exactly the same qualification you would if you studied it a university.

Still access the university lifestyle

As a university level student at The Sheffield College, you can still have access to the university lifestyle.

You will be invited to be part of our Student Voice and represent your peers in pressing cross-college matters, have access to our university level common room, be part of our graduation ceremony which is currently held at Sheffield Cathedral and stay in student accommodation in Sheffield if you would like.

If you study a Sheffield Hallam University validated course, you also have access to their:

  • Students’ Union
  • Adsetts Library and resources

For more information about our university level courses, please click here.

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