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Level 2 Applied Science (Double First Award) is an interesting, diverse and stimulating qualification in which you’ll learn about biology, chemistry and physics. You will develop your knowledge and practical skills in Applied Science – this can help you to thrive in your future studies or the world of work.

Key Units

Level 2 Applied Science (Double First Award) is composed of two qualifications:
  • Pearson BTEC L1/2 First Award in Principles of Science (Units 1-4)
  • Pearson BTEC L1/2 First Award in Application of Science (Units 5-8)
Each qualification is equivalent to one GCSE, and consists of internal (75%) and external (25%) assessments. It is possible to achieve a Level 1 Pass, Level 2 Pass, Level 2 Merit or Level 2 Distinction on these qualifications.

You will also take the required GCSEs alongside this course to work towards getting grade fours in your English and Maths.

Unit 1: Principles of Science (GLH:30)
The aim of this unit is to study fundamental core science concepts in biology, chemistry and physics. The assessment for this unit focuses on your understanding and application of these concepts, and so will not be vocational in context. This unit is assessed externally using a paper-based exam marked by Edexcel.

Unit 2: Chemistry and Our Earth (GLH:30)
In this unit you will investigate chemical reactivity and bonding, investigate how the uses of chemical substances depend on their chemical and physical properties, investigate the factors involved in the rate of chemical reactions and study the factors that are affecting the Earth and its environment.

Unit 3: Energy and Our Universe (GLH:30)
In this unit you will study ionising radiation, its uses and sources, learn how electrical energy produced from different sources can be transferred through the National Grid to homes and industry and learn the components of the Solar System, the way the Universe is changing and the methods we use to explore space.

Unit 4: Biology and Our Environment (GLH:30)
In this unit you will investigate the relationships that different organisms have with each other and with their environment, demonstrate an understanding of the effects of human activity on the environment and how these effects can be measured and explore the factors that affect human health.

Unit 5: Applications of Chemical Substances (GLH:30)
In this unit you will investigate and understand enthalpy changes associated with chemical reactions, investigate organic compounds used in society and explore the uses of nanochemicals and new materials.

Unit 6: Applications of Physical Science (GLH:30)
In this unit you will investigate motion, investigate forces, investigate light and sound waves and investigate electricity. 

Unit 7: Health Applications of Life Science (GLH:30)
In this unit you will investigate factors that contribute to healthy living, learn how preventative measures can be used to support healthy living and investigate how some treatments are used when illness occurs.

Unit 8: Scientific Skills (GLH:30)
The aim of this unit is to further develop your knowledge and understanding of the scientific process and build on the scientific investigation skills you have developed in other units. In this unit you will learn how to produce a good plan for an investigation, process, present and analyse data, and draw evidence-based conclusions and evaluate evidence and investigative methods.

Entry Requirements

4 GCSEs grade 3 or above, or acceptable alternatives. Must include Double Science and one of English Language or Maths at grade 3.


Unit 1
60-minute examination with 54 marks. The paper will consist of three sections:
  • Section A: biology
  • Section B: chemistry
  • Section C: physics
Each section will be worth 18 marks.

Units 2-7
These unit are assessed by assignment work - set and marked internally covering the topics highlighted above.

Unit 8
This unit is assessed externally using a paper-based exam marked by Edexcel.

The learner will complete a 1 hour and 15 minute examination worth 50 marks. The examination will contain questions on planning, processing, presenting and analysing data, drawing conclusions and evaluating methodology and conclusions.

Where does this Lead

Students who have completed this qualification and who successfully improve their GCSE grades can progress on to Level 3 Applied Science at The Sheffield College and then on to science-related degrees at university.  

Future Opportunities

Job prospects include:

  • Analytical Scientist
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Dental Technician
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Health Professional (e.g. general nursing, paediatric nursing)
  • Pharmaceutical Technician
  • Sports Scientist

Tell Me More

Will this qualification suit me?
An ideal student for this qualification is one who is motivated with a desire to learn about science in the world.

Qualification Titles
BTEC Level 2 First Award in Principles of Applied Science and BTEC Level 2 First Award in Application of Science.

Extra Costs

You may be entitled to help from the college’s Student Support Fund with the cost of trips, visits and anything else you need to buy for your course. 

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