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About this Course

This qualification is aimed at students who have chosen to focus their learning and career development within the public services sector. It is an engaging and stimulating qualification which will prepare students for successful performance in working life and further study.

Key Units

BTEC Level 2 Certificate and Diploma in Preparation for Public Service is aimed at students who have chosen to focus their learning and career development within the public services sector. It is an engaging and stimulating qualification which will prepare students for successful performance in working life and progression by developing a range of essential skills, techniques and attitudes. 

This qualification has been developed to ensure students develop the skills and behaviours that will give them the best opportunity to be successful when applying for work in public services.

The qualification contains both mandatory and optional units which relate directly to the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected by employers in the public services sector.

In addition, students will develop transferable and practical skills in communication, professional behaviours in the workplace, reflective practice and preparing for interviews to secure employment.

Unit 1: Public Service Skills and Support for the Community - students develop public service skills and learn how to apply and review these when supporting the community and individual groups within society.

Unit 2: Employment in Uniformed Public Services - students will study the career pathways in the uniformed public services including the roles and responsibilities and the skills needed to successfully take part in the recruitment process.

Unit 3: Health and Fitness for Entry into the Uniformed Public Services - students study the major body systems and the different lifestyle factors. They will explore the different public service health and fitness requirements and participate in the different fitness tests.

Unit 4: Activities and Teamwork for the Public Services - students study how teams are built and leaders develop through training. They examine theories and participate in team building activities as well as learning the importance of leadership. 

Unit 5: Sport and Recreation in the Public Services - students study the importance of sport and recreation to the public services. They will explore different sports, rules, regulations, tactics and participate in different sports. 

Approximately 40% of the course is practical and 60% is classroom work. There will be regular walks in the local area to practise navigation skills and camp-craft. Taking part in a range of sports and fitness activities is a fundamental part of the course.

Entry Requirements

For entry onto the BTEC Level 2 Certificate and Diploma in Preparation for Public Services, students will need 4 GCSE, or equivalent grade 3. 

A successful Level 1 student will need a recommendation from their course leader.

All students will continue to study GCSE English and maths. 

We expect all students to show 100% commitment and an excellent attitude on the course.


Assessment is designed to fit the purpose and objective of the qualification. It includes a range of assessment types and styles suited to skills and occupationally-based qualifications at this level. 

There will be on-going assessments throughout the year, as each unit covered will have between 2 to 4 assignments. The methods of assessment will vary to make sure that all learners experience a range of work related employability skills. These will cover different methods, such as, reports, group or individual presentations, one to ones, practical assessments and group activities.

All assessments are graded using  Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Where does this Lead

Short term progression:
Successful completion of this course, good attendance and punctuality along with a tutor recommendation can lead to our Uniformed Public Services BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma.

A number of our students also progress into employment within the Uniformed Services.

Long term progression:
Students have the option to either go onto the Policing Foundation Degree at our Hillsborough Campus, or some progress to employment in the protective services. Other students take the Higher Education route and apply for degrees in either criminology, law or police psychology.

Future Opportunities

Future career opportunities could include working in:
  • The Armed Forces
  • The Police Service
  • The Fire and Rescue Service
  • HM Prison Service
  • UK Border Force
  • Outdoor Activity Organisations
  • Other voluntary organisations

Tell Me More

At The Sheffield College you will learn from highly qualified staff with a range of academic and public services work related backgrounds. Our students benefit from our good partnerships with the local emergency services and public sector employers.

Students will also be given the opportunity to participate bin a range of further activity, such as:
  • DofE
  • Representing the college teams
  • Work experience

Extra Costs

Trips and visits -students will conduct a number of trips and visits during the one year programme, such as:
  • Outdoor activity sessions such as climbing and hiking 
  • One day expedition
  • Various trips to engage with service personnel (when available)

Uniform - Uniformed Public Service Students are expected to where are simple uniform while on the course, consisting of:
  • Black Polo shirt
  • Black trousers/ combats
  • Black shoes/ boots
Other items will be required such as:
  • PT kit - for outdoor and gym activities
  • Outdoor clothing, to include ankle support boots

Students are not required to turn up with all of these items on the first day as further details and guidance will be given during induction.

Students in financial hardship may be eligible to apply to the Learner Support Fund for assistance with course related expenses (e.g. uniforms, course trips etc.)

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