How to Make an Application

Now you have found an apprenticeship job vacancy you would like to apply for at The Sheffield College, you now need to complete the online application. When completing this application form please make sure you consider the following points:

  • Fill out all information boxes within the application form, please use the guidance to refer to if needed

  • Consider the person specification within the job description, working week and the training provided to make sure your application reflects this

  • Provide good supporting information, reflecting the job description. Include duties and responsibilities of previous roles and work experience, include skills and knowledge which relate to the duties of the role and include any voluntary work.

  • Consider the location of the employer you are applying for, are you able to travel there with your chosen method of transport.

Personal Details

Please ensure that all your personal information is correct, if incorrect this could prevent the apprenticeship recruitment team contacting you regarding the vacancy.

Previous School or College

Current/previous school or college (for under 19s only)


Parent/Guardian (for under 18s only)


We want to check that we are offering equal opportunities to all ethnic groups in the community. Please make sure this information is correct to the best of your knowledge.

We want to check that we are offering equal opportunities to all ethnic groups in the community.

Education and Qualifications

Please include all achieved qualifications with dates and all predicted grades if currently at school studying for GCSEs. Leaving this information out could suggest that you do not have the qualification requirements for the role.




Functional Skills

Other Qualifications

Work Experience and Achievements

Please include any work experience which you may have, including job roles with employers and work experience starting with the most recent first. Any work experience including part time jobs will show commitment, drive and enthusiasm when looking for your apprenticeship. With each role include the company, city, dates to and from, your responsibilities and main achievements during that role.

Key Achievements

Skills List

One of the most important things you can do is to consider what skills and abilities you already have. Please select which skills you feel match you from the lists below.

These are skills used such as typing, recording, analysing and evaluating data while using computers and networking to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data through various IT packages.
These are administration skills used in a business including a set of day-to-day activities such has diary management, filling, record keeping and smooth running and organisation within a business.
These are skills such as listening, effective spoken communication and nonverbal communication which would benefit a business through the sharing of information and ideas confidently between all levels, departments and employees.
Numeracy skills are the basic skills such as addition, subtraction and percentages which can be used with confidence in different situations within a business.
Public speaking skills such as organisation, eye contact, clarity and interactive skills making you confident in delivering a presentation or directly speaking to a group of people within a business to either inform or discuss certain subjects.
The ability to effectively listen and understand a subject provided by another member of the team so you are able to act on an instruction and potentially give feedback within a business.
Social media skills include visual thinking, planning, creativity and good writing skills. The ability to use the internet through social media websites and applications to create and share information on the behalf of a business.
Team building skills such as goal setting, working within a team, communication and problem solving. This creates professional relationships within a team to enhance the efficiency or quality of a business.
Literacy is the ability to read and write effectively as well as media and technology which will provide you with the basics to fulfil the duties of my role and support the business.
Problem solving skills such as communication, identifying an issue, exploring different options and planning to find solutions either working alone or within a team for different situations within a business environment.
These are skills such as planning, time management, prioritising and meeting deadlines allowing you to handle various tasks and have the ability to do more than one thing at a time.
These are physical skills, making you good with your hands such as attention to detail, preciseness, assembling and modelling all which would enhance your ability to fulfil the duties of the particular role.

Supporting Information

Personal statement

Please ensure that you express why this vocational area of apprenticeship interests you, the passions and drive behind the chosen vacancy application. If this is your chosen career path, make the employer aware of this through mentioning your long term career goals and key strengths. Include your transferable skills and personality attributes which support your application, this will allow the employer to see you as a person and gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Hobbies and Interests

Please include your hobbies and interests inside and outside of study. Try and relate them to the apprenticeship vacancy application if you can.

Employer Questions

Learner Support

Please note that all information disclosed will be kept in the strictest confidence.

References and Criminal Convictions

Please include 2 x job reference, work experience reference or tutor/school teacher reference details including, contact name, company, dates and contact details.

Criminal Convictions

Applications declaring previous convictions will be assessed fairly by the College and will not necessarily result in your application being refused.

Next Steps and Declaration

Now you are ready to submit your vacancy application we would like to inform you of what to expect from here and the recruitment process at The Sheffield College.

Here is a timeline of events during your application journey,

  • The apprenticeship recruitment team will receive your application and check it for eligibility, qualification requirements and overall suitability of the candidate applying for the role.

  • Once these details have been confirmed a member of the team will contact you in order to perform a ‘Pre-Screen’ this will include overview of the job you have applied for, the employer’s expectations for that role, confirming areas on your application form and discussing your travel arrangements.

  • If successful, the consultant will then send your application for the apprenticeship vacancy over to the employer.

  • The employer will then begin their selection process, they will decide which candidates which they would like to face to face interview from the CVs.

  • If the candidate is offered an interview and we will arrange this directly with the employer. At this stage we offer interview preparation and all the information the candidate may need to be successful at the interview. There is also the chance of the employer requesting 2nd stage interviews.

  • The employer may suggest a trial period for the candidate.

  • Due to multiple applications in most cases there will only one candidate which will get the job. Again if not successful after interview stage we will continue to work with you to find you an apprenticeship.

I agree to The Sheffield College recording and processing information on this form. I understand that my personal information may be shared with other partner organisations of education and training (The full statement on data protection and information sharing is available on the College website)